The 5 best hairstyles right now, according to Pinterest

The styles to try shake things up

Contributor / May 25 2017

When the weather becomes a bit gloomier, our mood tends to follow suit, leaving us a little less enthusiastic about being creative or putting in effort with our appearance.

It’s known as the ‘winter beauty slump’ (yes, that’s a thing) and it can be awfully hard to pull yourself out of, which usually forces us to resort to an abundance of dry shampoo or a messy topknot.

And while we’re all for an easy hairstyle when the wind, chill, and rain will undo any hard work, Pinterest has given us renewed hope for our winter hairstyles.

The popular social media picture site has kindly curated an album of the most popular and top trending hairstyles right now – and thankfully, it’s the exact inspiration we could all use.

The best part? There’s a hairstyle to suit everyone – whatever your length, whether you’re always on the run, want to mix up your usual ‘do, or need something practical – it’s all there.

For the lazy girl: The messy bun

For the creative: Fishtail topknot

For the glamorous: Half-up boho braided hair

For the businesswoman: Tuxedo braided bun

For the gym junkie: Braided updo

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