The product that could save your skin this winter

Our Review Crew® gives their verdict on this nourishing body oil

Thursday Plantation Beauty Writer / August 06 2018

The product

Winter is just not a good time for skin. When the temperature drops, your skin can become dry, cracked and flaky – and your main goal becomes trying to keep it from becoming reptilian. While a good post-shower moisturising session may help, sometimes you need something more.

This is where body oils come in. These bad boys are twice as good at preventing moisture loss, giving you soft, hydrated skin sans the annoying greasiness. Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Body Oil is part of a brand new breed of body oils, delivering fast absorbing ingredients to help nourish and replenish dry skin, fast. 

Enriched with macadamia oil, which is a rich source of essential fatty acids, Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Body Oil is a real winter skin saviour – it’s calming, smoothing and penetrates deep into the skin, locking in all that glorious moisture.

Our Review Crew® panel put this product to the test.

The panel

Beauty Crew sent Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Body Oil to a panel of women in need of a hydrating treatment to nourish and hydrate their dry skin.

The lowdown

Here's what the Review Crew® loved about Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Body Oil:

How hydrated it made their skin feel: Reviewers found that the oil rejuvenated and hydrated dry and sensitive skin, with many commenting on how supple and soft their skin felt after using it. Many also mentioned that their skin remained well hydrated, smooth and flake-free.

How it easily absorbed into the skin: Our testers liked that the oil was light and absorbed readily, without leaving any oily residue. A few reviewers also commented on how it was great value for money, as a little goes a long way.

The travel-friendly packaging: Review Crew® members liked that the oil featured an easy-to-use pump and a safety cap to prevent spills. Many also mentioned how handy and convenient the packaging is for travelling. 

Good to know: While many reviewers found the lavender fragrance of the oil to be quite subtle and relaxing, it might not be for you if you prefer products that aren’t scented.

The verdict

The Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Body Oil was so beautiful to use on my body each morning. It felt very luxurious and absorbed into my skin quite quickly, which is what you need in the mornings with no time to waste! I used it every day and it lasted quite a while. Great for dry skin in this cold weather!
“I have dry, sensitive skin and I found that my skin was better hydrated and felt smooth after every use. After two weeks of regular use, my dry patches were gone. It is the perfect winter moisturiser for dry, sensitive skin.”
“I love this product - it's so versatile! I use a small amount in my hair, as a serum on my face and after a shower on the rest of my body! It's so nourishing and leaves my skin silky smooth and glowing. The pump action bottle makes for easy use - meaning no messy spills or too much product in your hands.”

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*This average star rating is based on 82 reviews and is correct as of 29/6/2018

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