Tiffiny Hall shares her tips for staying motivated to exercise

Exclusive: The fitness expert shares her best advice

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

We’ve been big fans of Tiffiny Hall since her appearance on Gladiators right through to her time as a personal trainer on The Biggest Loser, so we were excited to discover her latest project: TIFFXO. Her new health and wellness program is much more than a bunch of workout videos - in fact, you’ll find martial arts exercises, meal ideas, meditation tips, and much more at this new destination. We spoke with the fitness expert about her newest project, plus her best advice for staying motivated to workout.

On her new site TIFFXO…
“I find helping others hugely rewarding and the buzz I feel when I see people reach targets is beyond amazing. I’ve always dreamt of being able to train EVERYONE and I wanted to be able to deliver a program that is personal and fun.

My philosophy is a holistic one - you can’t have a healthy body if you aren’t right mentally and emotionally too. Health and fitness have been a primary focus my whole life and I always make sure my clients and students are enjoying the exercises they do, no matter what! This is pretty obvious with my TIFFXO program with my attitude of ‘have fun first, workout second.’ Add support to a fun training plan and voila – you’ll make goals stick! Keeping the attitude of enjoyment not punishment with food and exercise makes all the difference. TIFFXO is an online workout program, coupled with a delish and easy meal plan, mindfulness and meditation features, as well as self defence and a TIFFXO version of Poomsae, not to mention my amazing online community! Everything about it is my dream come true!”

On her favourite sport or exercise…
“I like to spice it up! I think HIIT training is the best way to accelerate fat loss and fitness, I love my Taekwondo and I try and go for a walk or a jog as often as I can. Anything that gets me moving and outside is a bonus! I’ve been teaching fitness and Taekwondo since I was 12 years old at my family’s Taekwondo school, Hall’s Taekwondo. Whilst at university I was teaching in gyms, taking bootcamps, competing in Taekwondo at a national level and instructing in the Dojang. I couldn’t get enough!”

On what gets her up in the morning to exercise…
“At the moment it's my bump! Being pregnant, the first thing I think about in the morning is what I can do for this little baby. It may be a healthy breakfast, a meditation, or doing a workout. I love working out in the morning: I'll do Taekwondo and a bit of a jog (don't worry, I've had the all clear from my doctor and trainer about this!). The blood circulation and oxygen hit is so wonderful for the placenta and I can feel the baby moving around loving it afterwards as the endorphins hit and more oxygen pumps around my body.”

On the key to training successfully…
“You need to have a happy and healthy mind to have a happy and healthy body! It’s about looking after ALL of you, not just some of you. If you look after your mind and complement it with a well-rounded diet (the food on TIFFXO is delicious!) and daily exercise, a happy, fit you will emerge.”

On the things she always has in her gym bag…

1. My black belt, I don't workout that often in the gym but at my family’s Taekwondo school. The place of practice is called a Dojang and as a 6th Dan black belt I must wear my black belt whilst training (otherwise my pants fall down!). Plus it's super awesome to [use it to] stretch my hamstrings with after class.
2. Water bottle with a cap-full of apple cider vinegar in it whilst training.
3. My TIFFXO nail polish. I love painting my nails and encourage my members to do it also. It's a great reminder of your goals when you're on the program every time you look down at your hands.
4. Also, painting my nails pink just makes me feel happy, especially painting my toes.
5. Hair ties! I don't know who keeps stealing them but I can never have enough.
6. One of my Tiffiny Hall for Fila outfits, which are great not only as activewear but also as leisurewear for going out after training or running errands.

On her best advice for staying motivated to exercise…
“Reset and restart and don’t bring guilt in with you. It’s okay if you miss a workout or eat that chocolate. Just reset and start again. Know your limits and take your workouts at your own pace.”

On the next step in her career…
“I want to continue building my community on TIFFXO and helping people to be stronger, stress free, healthier and fitter. I love meeting my ninjas and hearing their stories and seeing their amazing transformations. I'm on a mission to keep creating a really effective, affordable and personal program. I have a young adult novel due for publication with Harper Collins in 2018. I'm also loving and growing my Tiffiny Hall for Fila activewear, which is available in Harris Scarfe and Fila stores - I think it's important to have activewear that suits all sizes and shapes and helps women feel confident whilst working out.”


That’s Life! has teamed up with Tiff to provide one month of the program for free. Just enter codeword TIFFLIFE at the payment page on www.tiffxo.com to redeem (normally $49).

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