The $8 product that TikTok swears by for a laminated brow look

It will actually keep your brows in place

BEAUTYcrew Beauty & Social Editor / August 18 2022

When it comes to our brows, most of us are pretty particular in how we style them. As much as we love Doja Cat’s new no-eyebrows look (it’s art, okay?) we do have a penchant for fluffy, natural brows. And boy, do we love a good brow hack.

So we were beyond thrilled when a new viral TikTok product popped up on our For You page, promising brow lamination-like results. The product in question? Schwarzkopf’s Got2b Glued Gel ($7.69 at Chemist Warehouse).

Okay, so we’re a little late to the trend (it started circulating mid-2021) and Ashley Graham has been swearing by the product for years. Rumour has it that even Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist uses the product as a brow gel…

But if you’ve been sleeping on it too, let this be your awakening.

Although it’s actually a ‘spiking glue’ (cue the horrific flashbacks of Y2k spiked-up frosted tips), the gel works wonders for your brows. All you need is a tube of Got2b gel and a spoolie and you’ve got the perfect brow gel to create the feathered brows of your dreams. The packaging promises ‘screaming hold’, and it definitely delivers all-day staying power.

The process itself is quite easy. Simply coat your spoolie with a pea-sized amount of the product and work it through your brows. Once your brow hairs are coated with the gel, brush upwards and outwards to create a brow lamination effect. Use your spoolie to push the tail-end of your brows diagonally downwards for more of an arched shape. And finally, to ensure all-day hold, use your finger to flatten and secure your brows.

One TikToker compared the Aussie and US versions of the product, and it turns out the Australian version is actually less “clumpy” and works better for your brows.

There’s also a dedicated brow iteration of the product available in the US. The Got2b Brow Gel is essentially the same formulation, but packaged in a tube to eliminate the mess of sticky fingers and hands whilst coating the spoolie.

Moral of the story: if you want natural-looking brows, pick yourself up some Got2b Gel and prepare to be blown away.

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