Kylie Jenner has revived the skinny eyebrow trend, and we are sad to see it

Not all '90s nostalgia is good, okay?!

Digital Beauty Editor / May 13 2022

Nobody in the beauty industry has bigger say over which trends make it to the mainstream and which fall by the wayside than Kylie Jenner. And so her seal of approval is everything.

Well, while we've been waiting with bated breath for months to see if the '90s skinny brow' aesthetic we've long been fearing will get said 'go ahead' stamp from her, the writing appears to be on the wall.

Jenner just posted a photoshoot pic to promo her new palette drops, but TBH all we're seeing are her tiny, tiny eyebrows...


But here's the thing: Jenner hasn't always had skinny brows. In fact, despite the fact that she always favoured a full look over a feathery one, she definitely had a pretty sturdy arch shape going on previously.

So what changed? Are her brows naturally thin and she's now stopped filling them in? Or did she specifically re-shape her brows to get a skinny '90s aesthetic?

For the record, here's a brow-centric snap she shared a few mere months ago...


Long story short, while we've been busy panicking about the return of low-rise jeans, another iffy '90s trend has been sneaking up in the sidelines, and an endorsement from Jenner means it's only going to grow in popularity. What's next? Nokia flip phones?!

Main image credit: @kyliejenner

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