Kylie Jenner recreated her 2017 glam era and it still slaps

Praying she revisits her King Kylie era

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / March 17 2024

Remember 2017, after Kylie Jenner's King Kylie era, but like, right before she went M.I.A on social media to hide the pregnancy and birth of her daughter Stormi? 

It was perhaps the peak of Jenner's Instagram glam era; she had wigs and hair extensions on constant rotation, her eyelash extensions and her lips were big, and she was really into the baking trend (with setting powder that is).

Turns out Jenner is just as much of a fan of her 2017 glam era as her fans, because the now 26 year old and mum of two has revisited the makeup routine she used to rely on in a new TikTok video. Except this time around she's using makeup products she keeps in her 2024 makeup kit, which creates a much more natural, soft glam makeup look by comparison.

Want to know what 2024 Kylie Jenner's take on her 2017 glam makeup looks like? Keep scrolling...




"Okay, I'm gonna try to recreate my 2017 glam, starting with brows. We always started with brows," she said, boldly defining her arches with the Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil ($48 from Sephora). "Then I found my old Kybrow kit ($46 (usually $62) from Kylie Cosmetics) from the archive, which was exciting. And I'm basically just making my brows as bold and as dark as possible."

"Okay. I think they look really good. Ariel, you could be the judge, but I think I killed it," she said to her makeup artist who was sitting next to her while she was doing her voiceover.

"[I’m] setting the brow and using warm tones only on the eye," Jenner explained as she swept eyeshadow from the Kylie Cosmetics The Classic Matte Palette ($41 (usually $55) from Kylie Cosmetics) from the centre of her crease to the tail of her brows. "We did not like cool tones [in 2017]. I'm gonna wipe the shadow, because that's what we did."


"Then I'm going in with my foundation that I wish I had in 2017," she said, buffing the Kylie Cosmetics Power Plush Longwear Foundation ($62 from Kylie Cosmetics) into her skin followed by "lots and lots of concealer". Specifically, Kylie Cosmetics new Power Plush Longwear Concealer ($46 from Kylie Cosmetics).

"Now we're getting our Beauty Blender ($30 from Sephora), and I'm gonna just do a little blendy, blendy," she continued. "I'm baking my face. I'm using powder, which I don't usually do anymore in my routine, so that was fun."


Then she combined two shades of the Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Blush Powder ($26 (usually $35) from Kylie Cosmetics) for a peachy-pink flush on her cheeks, and then she applied a few coats of the Kylie Cosmetics Kylash Volume Mascara ($31 (usually $41) from Kylie Cosmetics) to her top and bottom lashes, which Jenner says she never does anymore.

"Obviously had to do a Kylie lip kit in the shade Kylie ($46 (usually $61) from Kylie Cosmetics gorgeous," she explained.

"Then I'm adding lashes, cause I don't wear lash extensions anymore, so I wanted to, you know, give the 2017 energy," she said before adding some highlighter to the inner corner of her eyes.

"We're done! This was really a therapeutic experience for me and brought me back to such an amazing time in my life and I loved my look," Jenner said, signing off. 

Check out the full glam routine below:

Jenner may be in the mood to revisit her old makeup looks, but her new fragrance Cosmic Kylie Jenner is just about as futuristic as it gets.

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