This brush styling technique makes the most perfect curls, according to TikTok

Pure witchcraft

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / April 26 2022

We were always of the belief that a hairbrush was the natural enemy of curly hair, but as it turns out, it could actually be the answer to your most perfect curls yet.

Now of course the beauty MacGyvers on TikTok were the only ones crazy enough to test this theory, but in doing so they’ve opened our eyes to a whole new way of styling curly hair

The technique in question is relatively simple. After washing your hair and applying your leave-in products, take a section of your wet hair and run a brush through the underside of it. 

And, much like the sharp edge of a pair of scissors running down a ribbon, the tension should result in the hair coiling, becoming springy, bouncy, and (most importantly) the perfect curl. 

Want to see this viral curling tactic in action? Check out these TikTok tutorials:

Want to take things a step further and maximise the potential for definition? Then the Denman curling method may be right up your alley. 

Utilising the same aforementioned tension technique, the Denman method goes one step further and requires you to wrap your hair around the handle of your brush like you would a curling wand.

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