Does the TikTok dental floss anti-frizz hack actually work?

No hairspray? We got you

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / April 05 2022

Thought the only way to smooth flyaways was with a big ol’ trusty can of hairspray? Think again.

According to the creative folks over at TikTok, there’s another solution to de-frizzing hair and it’s hiding in your medicine cabinet.

Your teeth may have something to say about the lack of attention, but good old-fashioned dental floss is magic at smoothing frizz and flyaways when there’s nary a can of hairspray in sight.

How it works

The TikTok technique is actually surprisingly simple. 

Take a length of dental floss and place it where your hair part starts, then smooth down your strands, remembering to keep the floss parallel to your parting at all times. 

The result? Smooth, sleek, and shiny hair without compromising the ozone layer. A dream, if you ask us.

Want to see this hack in action? Here’s what happened when Tiktokers tried the trend…

After some dental floss so you can try this trick for yourself? We recommend:

Oral B Essential Floss ($1.99 at Chemist Warehouse); Colgate Total Waxed Dental Floss ($3.99 at Chemist Warehouse); and Oral B Satin tape Dental Floss ($2.39 at Chemist Warehouse).

Rather stick with traditional methods? This is the best hairspray for smoothed strands. 

Main image credit: @addisonraee

Briar is the Beauty Editor at BEAUTYcrew. Her 'down for anything' attitude has resulted in more than a handful of hair transformations, and she doesn't mind being used as a guinea pig for the industry's most unusual products and treatments. Her work has also appeared on Refinery29, Girlfriend and beautyheaven.

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