Too Faced’s new product will perk up hangover skin

One spritz and you’ll be back to glowing

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

As the silly season approaches, we are faced with the inevitable slew of beauty problems that arise from a few too many glasses of Champagne. And one of the most common problems (apart from a splitting headache) is dry, puffy skin the morning after caused by alcohol depriving your body of vital nutrients and vitamins your skin relies on to keep itself in tip-top, glowing shape.

While you may be tempted to drink copious amounts of electrolyte-infused sports drinks, sipping on coconut water is a much more effective (and healthier) option. As well as drinking coconut water, applying it topically will also help perk up your skin thanks to its skin brightening and hydrating properties.

So when Jerrod Blandino, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of makeup brand Too Faced took to his Instagram to share a sneak peek of the brand’s upcoming release, we couldnt help but get excited by the key ingredient –yep, coconut water, and its apt name, Hangover Setting Spray.


Blandino captioned the image: “#sneakypeek oh yeah, it’s HAPPENING!!! #HangoverSettingSpray’

The image reveals a product that is not only a makeup setting spray but is also intended to work as a replenishing primer. The tagline being “We LOVE your skin, even when you don’t!”  

While the brand has previously released a Hangover Replenishing Setting Primer, which hydrates, smooths and brightens, this setting spray will also do all of that but is designed to be applied after your makeup rather than before.

There is no word yet as to when this spray will be released but we really hope its before our busy schedule of Christmas parties kicks off. We will be keeping a very close eye out on Too Faced's Instagram account in the meantime.

For now, try these coconut-infused products and see what all the hype is about.

Image credits: Getty, @jerrodblandino

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