The tools you need to touch up your hair like an expert

These are the essentials according to a celebrity stylist

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / March 22 2017

Days of dress rehearsals and hours of hair and makeup all build up to one special moment on the red carpet. And one person who knows all about this first hand is Jonathan Colombini: a celebrity hairstylist who tames tresses for the likes of Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Demi Moore and Olivia Culpo for public appearances. While most of the groundwork is done on the morning of the event, a lot can go wrong in the hour leading up to the appearance so it pays to be prepared. Here, Colombini shares his must-have touch-up products for when he needs to fix his clients’ hair on the go.


Flexible hairspray

Forget the sprays that make your hair look sticky and overly shiny; a flexible hairspray (like R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray) is your best investment if you’re looking for a versatile product to touch up with. “You don’t want anything too heavy, so try a flexible hold product that can tame fly-aways yet give you that nice tousled look,” says Colombini.

The days of perfectly coiffed hair were left years ago; it is the ‘undone’ done look that we are seeing on the red carpet.
Jonathan Colombini


Bobby pins

We can’t live without these essential hair accessories. Pick smaller bobby pins for more intricate styles, and larger bobby pins to tame loose sections of hair. “I always take bobby or hair pins with me in case something gets out of place, especially with an updo,” says Colombini. Try Lady Jayne Bobby Pins.


Dry shampoo

We’re not at all surprised that this versatile product has made it onto this list. Go for Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo, which is perfect for all hair types.“Most award shows in LA are hosted on a hot sunny day,” says Colombini, “dry shampoo is typically best for hair that is down and loose, rather than an updo.”

Sometimes too much texture can backfire on you, so choose wisely. Texture sprays can build up on the hair and reflect a powdery residue that will absolutely pop (in the wrong way) in red carpet photos. Don't get on the worst hair list.
Jonathan Colombini


A toothbrush

Sure, this tool can clean your pearly whites, but it can also work a treat on hair. “A manual toothbrush is the perfect size to tame flyaways and stubborn baby hairs around the hairline,” finishes Colombini.

Main image credit: Instagram @jonathan_colombini

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