This is everything you need to know about dermablading

We promise it’s not as scary as it seems

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / September 09 2022

In a world where weird and wacky beauty treatments are commonplace, we have to admit, we still never thought we’d be taking literal razors to our face and shaving off every last bit of facial hair we have to our names. But hey, that’s dermablading for you.

Quite literally, the odd beauty practice (also known as dermaplaning) involves taking a specialist razor to the skin and removing every trace of peach fuzz; whether it be on the cheeks, chin, temples or elsewhere.

And we know what you’re thinking – when did the war on peach fuzz begin? Well, look, here’s the thing: facial hair isn’t a bad thing. But for those of us who’re after glowy, smooth skin that’s a breeze to apply makeup on, dermablading is the ultimate beauty hack. 

You see, baby soft, smooth skin is just the beginning; it’s when you apply your makeup that the magic of this interesting treatment really comes to the fore. Plus, you can say goodbye to texture, because on top of shaving away any hair, dermablading also gives skin a gentle exfoliation. Double-win. Nice.

Want to know more? We spoke to the co-founders of Dreamiskin (Darnelle Echazar and Brandon Moncur) about the buzzy beauty practice that has everyone trying the DIY version in lowdown. This is everything you need to know about dermablading...

So, what is dermablading exactly?

“Dermablading is an exfoliating process [that] removes unwanted vellus hair or peach fuzz from the facial area,” explains Echazar and Moncur. “Not only does dermaplaning remove unwanted hair, but also the unwanted layer of dead skin sitting on the top.”

Can dermablading improve skin radiance?

The Dreamiskin co-founders believe DIY dermablading can do so much more for your skin than just remove hair. 

“Dermablading helps the skin to glow and allows your beautiful serums and oils to soak in even further to do their job,” they explain. “On top of that, your makeup will sit flawlessly on your skin to give you that radiance you are always looking for when you apply foundation.” Umm, yes please, we like the sound of that…

So, who is the best candidate for dermablading?

Well, according to the folks over at Dreamiskin, anyone.

“Anyone who is looking for silky smooth, radiant skin [because] dermaplaning works to give you a glow and ensure that your makeup is smoother and sets on your skin more naturally.”

Like most products new to your face, however, we do recommend doing a little patch test with your razor because committing to an all-over job. Practice will also make perfect!

How long does dermablading take to perform?

“At-home dermablading is quick, easy and effective,” explains Echazar and Moncur, “[It] should only take you about 5-10 minutes and can easily fit into your nighttime skin care routine when needed or before a big event.”


Does dermablading make your hair grow back thicker?

Stop the presses because according to the Dreamiskin founders, all those rumours you heard about shaving making your hair grow back thicker are false people: “Dermaplaning removes vellus hair which grows back differently than the other hair on your body, meaning it will grow back super fine.” Phew, crisis averted – we cannot afford to be any hairier than we already are…

Looking for a razor to get started? We recommend: 

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Dreamiskin Eco-Friendly Derma Razor

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