3 beauty treatments to get in touch with your spiritual side

Treatments To Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side

Because sometimes a regular facial or massage just won’t cut it

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / November 10 2017

While a deep tissue massage can alleviate tired muscles and an invigorating facial can energise dull skin, sometimes you just need a different kind of experience to soothe your soul. Here, we review three amazing must-try treatments in Sydney that relax your face, body and mind in one.

Reiki Energy Healing

Location: Face Plus, Sydney
Price: $140 for 60 minutes
What it is: The birth of reiki dates back almost 100 years and is aimed at promoting relaxation and healing through ‘palm healing’, a technique that practitioners use to transfer energy to different parts of your body. “[Reiki] is a Japanese energy healing technique that channels energy from the practitioner to the patient,” explains Tania Dobbie, reiki master at Face Plus Medispa. “It can be applied by touching the body directly or by holding the hands over the client in their auric field. It reduces stress, promotes relaxation and activates healing to restore emotional and physical wellness in the client.”

A reiki session is a nice way to relax and balance you out mentally, which makes it ideal for when you’re feeling stressed out or just need to take a break. The full hour appointment went by in a flash for me, and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders post-treatment. If you’re visiting the Bondi Beach clinic, ask for Tania - she’s known to be one of the best in the biz.
Iantha Yu
Beauty Crew
Beauty Editor

Crystal Cryotherapy Facial

Location: Venustus, Sydney
Price: $329 for 90 minutes
What it is: Venustus’ latest facial does much more than heal and soften your complexion. It’s more like an immersive experience that focuses on hot and cold temperatures to shock your skin. The process involves picking a stone that resonates with your soul (the rock is placed on your body throughout the treatment to align with your energy, an organic fragrance to set the mood of your treatment ahead, an exfoliation using either organic bioactive honey or a top-secret brew of active exfoliants to buff away dead skin, a lymphatic drainage massage to improve blood flow, hot rocks on the face, neck, traps and chest, a multitude of massage techniques such as Hawaiian and remedial to relax sore muscles, and a hot facial mask to penetrate rich serums into your face. The winning card is the cryotherapy component delivered via a frozen jade roller that’s wheeled all over your skin - owner Jeannie Bourke explains its benefits: “cryotherapy flash-freezes your skin, and blood rushes to your internal organs to regulate temperature, eventually picking up nutrients. Once you return to room temperature, oxygen-rich blood pumps through your entire system, stimulating your immune system and reducing inflammation.” It really is as amazing as it sounds.

The fact that I fell asleep within the first 10 minutes is testament to how magical and relaxing the 90-minute treatment really is. The combination of different techniques including cryotherapy, thermotherapy and remedial massage made the experience one of the most unique treatments I’ve ever had.
Kate Niven
Beauty Crew
Beauty Writer

Heart Chakra Facial

Location: Jocelyn Petroni, Sydney
Price: from $280 for 60 minutes
What it is: A totally indulgent treatment that includes a personalised facial using a blend of Ultraceuticals, Sodashi, Bioderma and Shemana products (just to name a few) to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin. Teamed with this deep-cleansing ritual, you’ll also experience lymphatic drainage, along with other special techniques, to make you feel totally Zen. Therapist Jocelyn Petroni explains further, “here at our salon we have a ‘loving touch protocol’, where all our staff receive one-on-one training with a reiki master to fine-tune techniques. This facial also features a heart chakra massage, where we focus on the heart area, as well as simultaneously massage the front and back of the body in rhythmic motions, to relieve tension in the shoulders and neck.” Bonus points go to Jocelyn’s immediate sleep-inducing move ‘the rocking technique’, where the client is literally rocked back and forth to completely relax the mind and body.

Besides the fact that Jocelyn’s natural light-filled “office” (if you can even call it that!) is chic to the core, the treatment itself is completely rewarding for your face, body and soul as well. The price tag may seem steep however we promise you’ll walk out feeling like a new person, and it’s the perfect pick-me-up in the lead up to the Christmas break.
Iantha Yu
Beauty Crew
Beauty Editor

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