5 tricks to prevent your eye makeup from ageing you

Tricks To Anti-Age Your Eye Makeup - Kristen Bell

Hide your age with these clever tips

New Idea Contributing Editor / November 16 2017

As we get older the fine, delicate skin around the eyes is the first area to show visible signs of ageing. So, particular attention needs to be taken when applying makeup. Follow these tricks for younger-looking peepers that won't give away your age in an instant. 

#1 / Make time to prime

Flawless makeup starts with great prep. Apply a rich moisturiser, followed by an eye cream. Once these have settled into your skin (10 minutes), apply a primer on and around the eye area. Primers lock moisture in, smooth out wrinkles and create a barrier between your skin and makeup. We love Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener.

#2 / Say goodbye to glitter

Products containing shimmer and glitter particles are no longer your best options. Glitter tends to set into pores, lines and wrinkles, accentuating these instead of distracting the eye away. It’s less about experimenting with makeup and more about knowing what works for you.

#3 / Know your colours

Bold, dark colours on the eyes are harsh and can be very ageing. Instead, opt for flattering, subtle hues... think neutrals in brown and peach tones. If you can’t live without colour, try gold, bronze or pale blue-grey palettes. Don’t be afraid of sheer formulas and cream-based products, they flatter much more than powder. Try Sephora Collection Mixology Eyeshadow Palette.

#4 / Finish strong

When lining the upper eyelids, avoid heavy, thick lines. Instead, try thin or winged lines, which open up and elongate eyes. Black liquid liner is also a little harsh. Swap it out for a pencil or gel like COVERGIRL Perfect Blend Pencil.

Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener

Sephora Collection Mixology Eyeshadow Palette

COVERGIRL Perfect Blend Pencil

#5 / Remember less is more

Make this your mantra when it comes to makeup. The less you use, the more flattering it will be. It’s time to ditch powders, heavy foundation, dark hues and replace with light, sheer formulas. Think tinted moisturisers, cream based products and nude, pale, muted palettes.

Products to try: Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20; Australis Cheeky Tint; Nude by Nature Natural Illusion Eyeshadow

Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20

Australis Cheeky Tint

Nude by Nature Natural Illusion Eyeshadow

To find out the best makeup colours for you, read our guide on the shades that will make you look younger.

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