The Aussie SPF brand taking over our beauty shelves just dropped a new launch

Say goodbye to makeup once and for all…

Content Producer / December 07 2023

Ultra Violette Sunscreen

Ultra Violette are the originators of ‘Skinscreen’, offering a hydrating combo of skin care and sunscreen (with a fierce emphasis on sun protection). The products are designed to layer with your usual makeup routine, and the range offers physical, chemical and mineral sun protection options for protection that best suits your skin. But with the hot Aussie sun bearing down, make sure you're taking more measures than just sunscreen. We recommend avoiding direct sun-exposure (especially during peak UV times) and wearing protective clothing (think a super cute hat). And always make sure you’re following the directions of use when applying your sunscreen.

Ultra Violette’s New Launch

So, what's next for Ultra Violette? “World domination! Haha well we are launching into some new markets very soon,” co-founder Ava Chandler-Matthews told BEAUTYcrew. “We’re also working on the re-launch of Queen Screen SPF50+ and some very exciting new Screens so stay tuned…”

Ultra Violette Queen Screen™ SPF50 Super Glow Drops

So you’re wondering, how did a SPF brand step into the world of glow drops? Well the leap was rather small. Starting with a problem that needed a solution (more on that in a min) and their SPF-infused skin tint (a world away from the days of BB cream, we assure you) this latest product was born. BEAUTYcrew caught up with Chandler Matthews about all things Ultra Violette. First up, the idea behind creating a hybrid product. “It came from our own beauty routines! Mixing products with SPF is a huge no, but on days you don’t want to wear makeup and you’re time-poor, it’s so so tempting,” Matthews explained. So now we know how the idea came about, but why do we need a solution for mixing makeup and SPF? Well, she enlightened us “Even though it’s so tempting (to mix), to get their SPF rating, all sunscreens are tested, without your personal cocktail of (products) mixed in. We don’t know how these (albeit fun) additions will affect the formula. They could destabilise the UV filters or just dilute the SPF, all of which leads to you not properly future-proofing your face”. So why reach for these Glow Drops? Because they are safe to mix (with your other Ultra Violette products, that is). They’ve “tested (the) Super Glow Drops SPF50 thoroughly, but we don’t recommend you do this with non-Ultra Violette products as they just haven’t had the sufficient testing”. Secondly, the silky serum consistency (think Daydream screen formula) works to glide across skin. Designed to be mixed in with your usual Ultra Violette sunscreen as a totally fragrance-free, illuminating base for makeup, the sensitive-skinned amongst us can rejoice (and shimmer). 

And because SPF is a pivotal part of sun protection, you can wear it alone to the beach for a sun safe sans makeup glow. Or even create a whole makeup look with an underlying gleaming shimmer (with a sun-safe secret). 

*Always make sure you follow directions of use 

Ultra Violette Stockists

These glowy drops hit the shelves at $45, which, for a makeup-sunscreen hybrid, is pretty great value. This new launch will be available solely at Ultra Violette until launching exclusively into Sephora mid-January. 

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