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Mother Nature’s next gen of skin savers have arrived…

Beauty Crew Editor / June 25 2019

The world of natural skin care is not new. The fact that there are natural ingredients with insanely good skin benefits isn’t new either. But what is new is the latest generation of superstar natural ingredients that will start making waves in the skin care world, and that, friends, is certainly worth talking about. 

So while we love our Kakadu plum, jojoba, rosehip, chamomile, and oats to death, here are some up-and-coming ingredients created by nature that you’re going to start seeing a lot more of - plus, the skin issues they’ll work wonders to solve. 

Best for clogged pores: Cranberry fruit extract

While cranberry works wonders to help protect your skin from environmental aggressors (AKA those pesky elements that can speed up the ageing process), where it really shines is in its ability to help clear, refine and tighten pores and tackle congestion, leaving skin smoother and brighter (that’s thanks to the natural salicylic found in the berries).
Find it in: Swisse Cranberry Pore Perfecting Clay Mask

Swisse is all about harnessing nature’s very best and packing it into products that are full of the good stuff and free from the not-as-great stuff, and it’s been no different when it comes to its Clay Mask range. This pore-refining, clarifying and nourishing mask not only has the goodness of cranberry fruit extract and its natural acids to help clear and refine those pores (and prevent future clogging), as well as reduce oil build-up, it’s also got white willow bark extract (a natural beta hydroxy acid) to help exfoliate and decongest the skin. The combo of pink Australian kaolin clay and bentonite clay are also working hard to give your skin a deep clean, improve the texture, reduce the size of enlarged pores, deal with an annoying excess of oil, and keep your pores dirt- and impurity-free. The short version? Smoother, clearer and brighter skin, and pores that are basically non-existent. Plus, the cute pink hue is very Insta-worthy. 

Best for dark circles: Quandong

Sorry Kakadu plum, it’s time for another native Australian botanical to shine. A fruit found in the drier parts of Australia, quandong is a pretty solid ingredient to have in your skin care routine thanks to the rutin found in it. If you haven’t heard of it, rutin is an incredibly powerful antioxidant that has been known to help protect the skin from free radicals and environmental elements that can age and damage the skin, and it turns out it plays nice with quandong’s natural vitamin C content to help strengthen capillaries, which can help reduce dark circles under eyes. Quandong also has great anti-inflammatory benefits, and is rich in vitamin E and phenolic acid (which is like a gentler version of an AHA).
Find it in: Mukti Age Defiance Eye Serum

Best for loss of firmness: Grapeseed extract

While you may think the greatest gift a grape could give is a healthy glass of a crisp sauvignon blanc, the tasty fruit is climbing the ranks as one of nature’s greatest age-fighters. The oil from the seed of a sweet grape isn’t just a great nourisher (and it really is a great nourisher), but it’s brimming with vitamins (think E and C), polyphenols and omega fatty acids that can help brighten, improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all while protecting the skin from the environment. Word is the oil also has natural astringent properties, too, so that’s why it can help tighten and firm.
Find it in: Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser

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