‘Vampire skin’ is the secret to an immortal summer glow

This is the (radiant) skin of a killer, Bella

Editor / December 23 2022

We know the word ‘vampire’ has iffy connotations in the beauty game – we all remember Kim Kardashian’s infamous vampire facial vividly. But what if we told you that the latest vamp-y trend taking over was less bloody and more iconic?

Let's get one thing out of the way first. As much as we’re here for a healthy Vampire Diaries vs. Twilight debate (we sit firmly on the ‘they’re both phenomenal’ fence), there’s no denying that the Twilight vampires had more of a glow. Like, they literally sparkled in the sun. And now TikTok is allowing us to get in on the action, no agonising transformation or pesky bloodlust necessary.

So if you’ve been sitting around thinking ‘luminosity, where the hell have you been Loca?’, we’ve got a trend right up your alley. Here’s how to get the skin of a Cullen. Or as Edward would say, how to get the skin of a killer. One Cullen-esque complexion coming right up.

How to get vampire skin

Coining the term ‘vampire skin’ via an impressive how-to video, TikTok creator @imonaugust took viewers through exactly how to master the vampy vibe. All while Muse’s "Supermassive Black Hole" was blasting, of course.

The products that go into the secret sauce? Foundation and liquid glitter. The trick is to blend the two together on the back of your hand, warming up the formulas for an extra seamless finish. Buff into skin for an all-over radiant glow (sorry, Rosalie, we know your secret), then top with a little extra pressed glitter to go full ‘Cullen in sun’.

You may already have these three products in your kit – that’s one of the best bits about the trend! But if you’re after our recommendations, we’ve got our ideal vampire skin recipe ready. Considering the glitter will sheer out your foundation a little, we advise starting with a medium-coverage, velvet-finish base so that you don’t compromise too much coverage for your Cullen glow. Our pick? The Gucci Fluide De Beauté Fini Naturel ($102 at Sephora).

Next comes the glitter – it’s going to be hard to beat the Barry M Liquid Glitter Sparkle Drops ($16.95 at Adore Beauty) in this department. The cooler colour of the drops contributes to the aesthetic, so this pinky-lilac hue is a great fit. And last? The pressed glitter. Silvery shades are essential for the vampire vibes you’re wanting to serve, so we suggest grabbing the Nabla Miami Lights Glitter Palette ($41.50 at Beauty Bay) which offers a few different depths.

Gucci Fluide De Beauté Fini Naturel

Barry M Liquid Glitter Sparkle Drops

Nabla Miami Lights Glitter Palette

Not only is the aesthetic iconic because of its inspiration, but it’s genuinely stunning. It's also still subtle enough to be worn every day – summer may barely hit in Forks, but personally we plan on sparkling on the daily here in Australia!

The comments are pretty hysterical, too. “Edward getting ready to go to the meadow with Bella,” was a standout. Basically, wherever we’re headed this silly season, we’ll be prepping with big pre-meadow energy…

Main image credit: @imonaugust

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