Zendaya's aesthetician wants you to stop making this skin care mistake

“[You’re] compromising the skin barrier”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 06 2023

If there’s anyone you can trust for solid skin care advice, it’s a celebrity aesthetician.

They’re literally employed to help the rich and famous look fabulous sans makeup and in the most dire of circumstances (no one looks good under the glare of stage lights).

They’re the skin care information sources that just keep giving; their A-list clients benefit from their services, and we benefit in kind from their tips, tricks and product recommendations (like these celebrity-approved face masks). 

When we heard Vanessa Marc — aesthetician to Zendaya, Chloe Bailey, and Winne Harlow — dishing out advice in a recent Glamour UK interview our ears immediately pricked up in interest. 

These are her dos and don'ts for great skin… 

DIY skin care is a bad idea

If you’re a natural skin care conspiracy theorist, Marc wants you to turn off the DIY skin care TikTok and YouTube videos. “Natural doesn't always mean better,” she explained. “Especially when they have intense scrub qualities that can cause even more irritation.” 

“People order all sorts of machines and products to try on their skin,” she continued. “Most of these are often compromising the skin barrier.” 

On top of that, “there isn’t the same initiative to protect the skin with sunscreen,” which ultimately debilitates the skin barrier.

Your skin care routine should support in-clinic treatments

“My advice to clients is that your home-care routine should support our treatment plan for your skin,” Marc explained. 

For example, if you have been treated in-clinic for hyperpigmentation, then your at-home skin care routine should be continuing the work of those treatments. 

“Your actives should treat whatever goal we’re working towards,” she offered. “With a joint effort, there will be real results.”

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

“Everything we do always takes hydration out of our skin,” Marc said in the interview. “Makeup, cleansers, sweating, drinking alcohol and the sun all take moisture out of our skin so it's super important to drink water and use hydrating products.” 

“Make sure to invest in quality moisturisers and cleansers that do not dry the skin out more,” she advised. “And remember to moisturise over damp skin to increase the efficacy [and penetration of active ingredients].” 

Looking for at-home treatments to replace your DIY skin care products? These home beauty treatments are all dermatologist-approved. 

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