The unusual way to use Victoria’s Secret perfume

And it actually works quite well

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

As if we needed more reason to be lured into Victoria’s Secret’s enchanting stores and stock up on their bras and beauty, now we’re told one of their perfumes moonlights as a powerful mosquito repellent, too.

It’s not just hearsay either; researchers at New Mexico State University have recently published a study in the Journal of Insect Science comparing the effectiveness of different mosquito repellents, with the addition of perfumes for a fun mix. It turns out that Victoria’s Secret Bombshell is the perfume to invest in for a dual purpose of smelling great and warding off mosquitos – what more could a girl ask for?!

The study tested eight commercial mosquito repellents, two fragrances and a vitamin B patch then let mosquitoes loose in a sealed chamber to see if they would bite a hand doused in each formula. As you would expect, any formula that contained DEET, a chemical commonly found in mosquito repellent formulas, was successful in stopping the bites.

The Victoria’s Secret fragrance, launched in April with the help of Adriana Lima, was added to the mix because the authors of the study believed its floral scent would attract mosquitoes. Stacy Rodriguez, a research assistant involved in the study, explained in a statement, “there was some previous literature that said fruity, floral scents attracted mosquitoes, and to not wear those. It was interesting to see that the mosquitoes weren't actually attracted to the person that was wearing the Victoria's Secret perfume–they were repelled by it."

Unfortunately, the authors don’t know what the active agent is that repels the bugs, but they do know if you saturate your skin in a $70-bottle of Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, while you may be covered in an expensive bug spray, you’ll at least be bite-free for a good few hours.


Image credits: Getty; @victoriassecret

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