VIDEO: Where to apply bronzer for a natural glow

A sun-kissed complexion in a matter of seconds

Beauty Crew Editor / April 11 2016

Bronzer can be used to create so many different makeup looks. Depending on the shade, finish and tools you choose, you can use the golden powder to enhance your angles with contouring, or you can fake the sun-kissed glow of someone who’s come back from two weeks in the Maldives.

Here, we show you how to create a natural, golden glow in just a few steps.


Pick your brush

The looser the bristles of your powder brush, the better. Why? If the bristles are packed too densely together, you’ll get more of a line when applying the powder, wheread you want a soft finish without a line in sight. If you’re not sure if your brush is loosely packed or not, run it over the back of your hand – the easier it is for the bristles to move around, the looser it is. In our tutorial, we used the Nude by Nature Pro Angled Blush Brush.

Nude by Nature angled blush brush


Pick your powder

One of the most important aspects of creating a natural finish is picking the right shade for your skin tone. Now, while you might want to make a beeline for the darkest powder you can get your hands on, your best bet is actually to pick a bronzer that’s a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Not only does this give you the freedom to build the colour slowly, but the slight hint of colour is what’s going to give you the most natural finish. We used L’Oréal Paris Glam Bronze.

L’Oréal Paris Glam Bronze Duo
TOP TIP: For a glowing finish, pick a bronzer with illuminating particles in it. If the formula is too matte, you’ll get warmth, but not as much radiance.


Where to apply your bronzer

Once you’ve swished your brush into the powder and tapped off the excess, start your application at the top of your forehead, just by your hairline, and work your way down your temple, across your cheekbones, and then down along your jawline.

Imagine that you’re drawing the number three with your brush.

TOP TIP: If the colour isn’t deep enough on your first application, repeat this step until you’re happy with the result.


Don’t forget your neck

If your neck is looking a little mismatched to your face, apply a soft layer of bronzer from your jaw line, down your neck.


Check in natural light

The lighting of your bedroom or bathroom may not be quite the same as the natural light of day, so before you head out, take a compact mirror and quickly step outside to check your work. If you’ve put on too much bronzer, use a blotting paper to gently dab away at the powder, and if it’s not quite enough, repeat step number three.

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