The clever new hair dryer that protects against excessive heat damage

VS Sassoon Intelligent Digital Sensor Hairdryer

Here’s what our Review Crew® had to say about this next-level styling tool

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 28 2020

The product

Shiny, healthy-looking hair is a look that never goes out of style. And for a smooth post-wash finish, a hair dryer is always our first port of call. Yet styling hair with excess heat can in fact cause the opposite of the desired outcome, leaving your hair looking more frazzled than fab. With this in mind, how can we be sure we’re blow-drying at a safe temperature?

VS Sassoon has just released their smartest hair dryer yet. The VS Sassoon Intelligent Digital Sensor Hairdryer has an in-built digital sensor that ensures a uniform temperature of 70 degrees is maintained through blow-drying, protecting the hair from excessive heat damage. The Italian-made and engineered hair dryer also has high ionic technology that actively eliminates static so you can say goodbye to those pesky ‘frizzies’, and it optimises air pressure to rapidly dry hair without the need for high temperatures.

Our panel of Review Crew® testers put this product to the test.

The panel

Beauty Crew invited a panel of women aged 25-39 to participate in a hands-on Review Crew® event with VS Sassoon. VS Sassoon’s National Education Manager Rob Reeves and hair and makeup artist Michael Brown attended the event to provide personalised hairstyling advice using the new VS Sassoon Digital Sensor range. Review Crew® members were each gifted the VS Sassoon Intelligent Digital Sensor Hairdryer, as well as their choice of the VS Sassoon Intelligent Digital Sensor Straightener or VS Sassoon Intelligent Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler.

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about the VS Sassoon Intelligent Digital Sensor Hairdryer:

The intelligent heat protection technology: The panel was excited to learn that while they blow-dried their hair, the digital temperature sensor ensured a hair-friendly temperature of 70 degrees was maintained. It gave them peace of mind that they weren’t compromising the health of their hair whenever they wanted to blow-dry.

How lightweight the hair dryer is: Reviewers commented on how light and manageable the hair dryer was to hold. They loved that it meant they didn’t have to keep stopping to rest their arm.

The result the hair dryer provided: The Review Crew® was surprised by how quickly the hair dryer dried their hair and were impressed with the smooth, frizz-free finish it delivered.

The verdict

“My hair is usually quite dry so I've always stayed away from using hairdryers as much as possible, fearing that the excess heat will damage and/or dry out my locks even further. As a bit of a lazy girl at heart, I also struggle with the length of time it often takes to completely dry my hair. Enter VS Sassoon's Intelligent Digital Sensor Hairdryer, a super lightweight hairdryer that not only heats up to a much lower temperature than most other hairdryers, but it does the job in half the time!”
Review Crew® Member
“From the time I started using the Intelligent Digital Sensor Hairdryer I immediately noticed my hair finish was better. It didn't feel hot or dry with my ends usually wispy. I was able to dry my entire head without stopping to rest my arms as the dryer is much lighter and more ergonomic that the one I was using.”
Review Crew® Member
“The best thing about this hairdryer is how quickly it dries hair! I was blown away (no pun intended) by how fast my hair was dry using a hairdryer that heats almost 50 degrees LESS than regular hairdryers!! The fact that this hairdryer heats at a lower temperature also means that my hair felt fantastically soft and low on frizz. Another great benefit of this dryer is its weight - or better said, lack thereof! It's substantially lighter to hold than regular dryers, meaning no shoulder cramping when holding the dryer up for any period of time.
Review Crew® Member

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The products for this Review Crew® trial have been provided by VS Sassoon to Pacific Magazines’ BEAUTYcrew for the purpose of trial and review by BEAUTYcrew members.

*This average star rating is based on 20 reviews and is correct as of 9/10/2018

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