4 ways to style short hair with tools

Ways To Style Short Hair With Tools

Take your cropped hair to the next level with these essentials

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / August 23 2017

Despite short hair literally having less hair length to work with, it can still be just as technical to perfect your ‘do. And while styling products can texturise and build grit, hair tools like dryers, stylers and brushes can preen cropped hair just as effectively. Here, four leading hairstylists share their favourite short hair tool to work with, and tips for using them.


Go for a mini-sized heat styler

An easy way to boost texture in short hair is with a straightener - but they’re not all created equal. “If you’re after unruly texture, go for Cloud Nine The Micro Iron, which is great for travel and the perfect width to tame any short hairstyle,” says Richi Grisillo, Salon and Hair Director for Academie Salon.



Invest in a good hairbrush

Looking to increase shine and manageability in your short hair? Look no further than a good quality hair brush. “A small to medium sized Y.S. Park Professional Curl Shine Styler Brush can fight off any uncontrollable frizzy texture,” says hairstylist Anthony Nader. “Use in conjunction with a hair iron to give a poker straight [finish] or soft wave to the hair.


Dry it with the right tool

A hairdryer is an absolute essential no matter what your hair length is. Hairdresser Jules Peacocke agrees: “Most short hairstyles will look their best by being blow-dried every day to bring out the shape and style of the haircut and lay the foundation for providing movement and texture. If you have short hair that needs volume, you will need a strong hairdryer with a flat nozzle. As for those with short curly hair, your hair will look better if you dry it to about 80 per cent using a hairdryer on the lowest speed with a diffuser.” We like Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer.


Add bounce with a wand

We think this is the easiest way to build texture in short hair. “The beauty about short hair is that a little goes a long way, in regards to styling… all you need is a slight wave in the ends and you can look instantly glamorous,” says Lauren McCowan, Creative Director of Haircare Australia. “From base to tip, the circumference of the Cloud Nine The Wand decreases, offering you possibilities and versatility, such as achieving big waves to tighter curls.”

Looking for more short hair styling ideas? Here are ten styling products to try if you have cropped hair.

What’s your favourite styling tool to use on your short hair and why? Tell us in the comments below.

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