5 strategies for smoothing cellulite

Coffees, creams, brushes and more

August 23 2021

As we head toward warmer weather once more, one thing comes to mind: all the bare skin we'll be showing in the all too near future.

And while dull limbs can be fixed with a quick instant fake tan, and any unwanted leg or underarm hair can be removed in minutes, it can be easy to still stress out re: the 'bumpy' appearance of our arms, legs and bum. Cellulite, you damn pest.

Yes, it's totally normal. Yes, we all have it. No, it's not a big deal. But yes, some of us would feel better if it were a tad less visible, and that's what we're here to help you with.

“Cellulite can occur for two reasons,” explains dermatologist Dr Michael Rich. “Firstly, the hardening and contractions of the connective tissue network supporting your fatty tissue causes bulging of fat between rigid fibrous bands, which also blocks vascular and lymphatic drainage. This further contributes to thick and swollen skin. Secondly, there is protrusion of fat cells into the lower part of the skin called the dermis, which results in worsening of the dimpling effect.”

So, how do you treat it? While it’s difficult to minimise cellulite with exercise and diet (as weight loss doesn’t necessarily improve the appearance of cellulite), there are treatments that can temporarily address the issue, and we're rounding them up right here...


Try a coffee scrub

Caffeine can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, as it works to stimulate circulation and temporarily tighten the skin. Something like the Salt by Hendrix Body Buff ($26.95 at Adore Beauty) used twice weekly can leave skin soft, luminous and a whole lot smoother. Just apply to damp skin, massage in and rinse after a few minutes.


Try a clay mask

Just the way clay works to detoxify, cleanse and smooth your face, it works for the body just as well, which makes it a star for treating cellulite. White clay is the hero of the BodyBlendz Booty Clay Mask ($49.99 at BodyBlendz); the butt is one of the areas we experience the 'bumpiest' skin, and this texture-refining, hydration-replenishing (yep, a moisturising clay product!) is awesome for helping to even it out.


Try dry body brushing

With a physical at-home treatment like dry body brushing, you can remove dead skin cells on the outside of your body and assist with lymphatic drainage inside your body too, which can help reduce the lumps and bumps of your cellulite. The trick, however, lies in the direction you’re doing exfoliating; take the brush and with firm pressure (without pressing down too hard), work the tool towards your heart. So if you’re brushing your legs, work it in upward motions, if you're brushing your chest, work downwards, etc. One of our faves? The endota spa Vegan Dry Body Brush ($20 at endota spa).


Try a smoothing cream

Keeping your skin moisturised is key to dialling up smoothness as a whole, but there are some hydrating products that are specifically geared toward cellulite treatment, and those will be your best bump-smoothing friends.

For instance, the ASAP Cellulite and Skin Firming Treatment ($99 at Adore Beauty) features a skin-invigorating blend of caffeine and antioxidants, and comes with a built-in massaging applicator able to increase absorption and microcirculation. While creams like these aren't necessarily long-term fixes, they can be used twice daily (morning and night) to combat a lumpy appearance.


Try a professional treatment

A more intensive solution to minimising the appearance of cellulite is with a professional alternative like CelluFIX (consultation appointments available at Enrich Clinic); a non-invasive treatment that utilises acoustic radial wave technology. “This treatment helps to reduce the tissue oedema, which is one of the initial phenomena of cellulite,” explains Dr. Rich.

“Reduction of oedema reduces puffiness of the skin, and the tissue becomes more permeable so the fluids and toxins retained within the fat cells can be released and drained by the lymphatic system. By performing the needling procedure, it can help to stimulate reproduction of collagen and improves surface texture.”

Main image credit: @body_blendz

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