What is a Tinkerbell lift and why is it the new alternative to rhinoplasty?

The cosmetic nurse responsible for Lily Brown’s new nose weighs in

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 28 2023

After a decade of watching Instagram models and half of the Kar-Jenner clan overfill their face, cosmetic treatment trends have swung in the opposite direction.

Bella Hadid regrets her nose job, celebrities are dissolving their lip filler, and Abbie Chatfield has publicly sworn off Botox.   

While one might think that this mass exodus is affecting business for the cosmetic industry, that’s simply not the case. 

Instead, patients are turning to alternatives with little downtime and natural-looking results. 

Profhilo (an injectable moisturiser) has been dubbed the 'future of skin care', teens are exchanging injectables for needling, radiofrequency and PRP treatments, and non-surgical alternatives to surgical procedures are rising in popularity.

Cosmetic Nurse and founder of the Queensland-based Angel Aesthetics clinic Sylvia Crouch is leading the pack, dissolving the overfilled lips of clients Lily Brown, Shani Grimmond, and Mikaela Testa, and tastefully refilling for a more natural finish.

But, according to Crouch, one cosmetic treatment in particular is becoming increasingly popular — the Tinkerbell lift.

Offered as an alternative to traditional rhinoplasty, the tinkerbell lift is a “non-invasive procedure with no downtime and the procedure itself is quick,” she explains.

What is a Tinker bell lift?

Crouch explains the Tinkerbell tip lift technique as a “liquid nose job”. It “involves injecting dermal filler [in]to the nose to redefine or create new shape,” and it can also correct concerns such as asymmetry, dorsal humping or crookedness.

“After any shape corrections are made… the tip of the nose [is injected to] create tip projection with a subtle, uplifted effect,” she went on to say.

Rhinoplasty vs nose filler

Look, injectables can’t restructure bone and cartilage (you’re going to need to get a rhinoplasty for that), and the results aren’t permanent. According to Crouch, they typically last up to two years, but “depending on the patient's metabolism, they may need top ups every once in a while to ensure their desired look is maintained.”

As for the positives? “Most patients [are] able to continue with their day post-treatment,” says Crouch, and “results are also seen in only 4 weeks, unlike traditional rhinoplasty surgery, which requires months of downtime, and takes years to see your final results.”

“Filler, when done right can offer brilliant results without the drastic surgery,” she explains. “The procedure is accessible to more people as it is more cost effective, efficient and less invasive than rhinoplasty.”

The risks of a liquid nose job

However, “like with any procedure like this there are risks attached,” she warns. “There have been cases where the filler has got into the blood vessels causing complications.” 

That’s why she says it is of vital importance to select “a clinician that is fully qualified, following safety protocols, and trusted to carry out the procedure,” Crouch confirms.

“[Also], look for a cosmetic clinic that has experience in performing the Tinkerbell lift and has undergone specialised training in this procedure,” says Crouch. “This is a high-level skill and requires expertise to achieve a natural-looking result.” 

Crouch recommends checking out a clinician’s body of work via social media or their website “to ensure you are happy with the results they achieve.” 

Once you’ve found an aesthetic that you like, “book in for a consultation to ask any questions [that you may have about the procedure], and make sure that you feel comfortable with your clinician.”

Remember, if you’re not satisfied with the result, Crouch assures that “it can be partially or completely reversed by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which dissolves the dermal filler and allows the nose to return to its original shape.” 

Alternatively, if you’re too scared to get injectables and surgery, you could try nose contour. These are the best contour sticks for the job.

Main image credit: @__lilybrown

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