The frank reason Abbie Chatfield won’t get any more Botox

We’ve never considered this before…

Content Producer / April 22 2022

Have you ever wondered how Abbie Chatfield feels about Botox? Put simply, she's tried it and it’s just not for her.  In fact, on occasion it even left her in tears. Though she stressed no judgement to anyone who has previously had the treatment or regularly enjoys getting Botox themselves, the It’s A Lot host didn’t mince her words when speaking on the topic as a guest on Mia Freeman’s No Filter podcast. Her message was clear: “this is my PSA, don’t get Botox”.


As it turns out, the reason people seek out Botox in the first place, (to freeze movement and soften lines), was the very reason Abbie wanted it gone. “I have two lines in between my eyebrows,” she said. Lines, which she relies on to express her reaction and emotion during daily interactions and intimate moments. Or in Chatfield's words: “when I laugh, when I cry [and] when I [orgasm]” (all of which are essential in “showing that you’re interested,” she explained).

Around the same time as her Botox treatment, Abbie had started dating her now boyfriend, Konrad Bien-Stephens and was on the panel of Channel 9's Love Island After Party.  

“I hated it because I was trying to host this show and I couldn't move my eyebrows at all to show expression,” she continued. "I looked bored all the time.” 


Though Chatfield credits the work of her amazing doctor multiple times during her conversation with Mia; she ultimately still grieved her familiar, expressive face. “I would cry in the mirror after my Botox and I’d say to Konrad ‘this isn't how I look’,” she said.

To echo Abbie's sentiment, when it comes to cosmetic treatments, each to their own. But as a general rule of thumb, anything that makes you cry in front of the mirror ain't worth it.

Main image credit: @abbiechatfield