Ariana Grande emotionally reflects on past filler and Botox

“For a long time, beauty was about hiding for me.”

Content Producer / September 14 2023

Singing siren turned beauty mogul Ariana Grande showed her vulnerable side in her recent Vogue Beauty Secrets video.

Speaking up on her changing perception of beauty, she opened up about her past experience with lip filler and botox.

“For full transparency as a beauty person, I’ve had a ton of lip filler over the years - and Botox. I stopped in 2018 because I just felt so… too much,” she shared candidly.

With tears welling up, she reflected; “I just felt like hiding. For a long time, beauty was about hiding for me and now I feel maybe it’s not.”

“I also know for me, I was just like ‘Oh I wanna see my well-earned cry lines and smile lines’.

I hope my smile lines get deeper and deeper and I laugh more and more and I just think ageing [is] such a beautiful thing.”

As a figure in the public eye, Grande shared that her perception of beauty was greatly based on camouflaging - on conforming, almost.

“I, over the years, used makeup as a disguise or as something to hide behind and more and more, and more hair and more and more thicker the eyeliner,” she said. “I still have love and appreciation for it [the hair and makeup] but I think as I’m getting older I don’t love that being the intention behind it anymore.”

Now, Grande views makeup as a form of self-expression and a means of accentuating what you have.

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Her eyes, for example, are accentuated by her signature straight-brow look. Citing Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe as her beauty inspirations, she shapes her brows in a self-described “Audrey-Hepburn-ish shape”.

Despite her changing attitude to makeup and beauty, as a beauty brand owner, Grande still maintains a dear love of playing with makeup. At the moment, this is expressed through a “‘60s-style cat eye”, which she creates with an eyeshadow stick from her own brand r.e.m Beauty.

As for Ariana Grande’s beauty hacks, she let audiences in on her “button-nose trick”, which she accomplishes by placing a cool-toned contour directly above the tip of her nose in a horizontal line and blending it together with a shimmery highlight right below.

Main image credit: @arianagrande

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