This injectable moisturiser has been dubbed the 'future of skin care'

Taking skin boosters to a whole new level

BEAUYTYcrew Beauty & Social Editor / September 01 2022

Just when you thought your skin care routine couldn’t get any more complex, a new viral product or trend (glazed donut skin anyone?) emerges to prove you wrong. And we think we’ve found the answer to all your glowing skin prayers – in the form of an injectable treatment.

Profhilo, the ‘injectable moisturiser’ that has sent TikTok users into complete meltdown, has officially landed in Australia. The treatment has been likened to an instant facial and dubbed ‘the future of skin care’ by industry professionals. It’s also amassed an impressive following on the app, with more than 12 million #Profhilo views.

And of course we had to know what all the fuss is about. So we tapped into our beauty brains trust (AKA skin wizard Mia Thomas Aesthetics) to get the low-down on Profhilo and why you should have it on your radar.

What is Profhilo

Profhilo is an injectable treatment, so many people’s first assumption is that it’s a new form of anti-wrinkle treatment or filler. But as Thomas explains, it’s neither a toxin nor a filler. 

“[Profhilo] is a very high concentration of ultra pure hyaluronic acid and its specially formulated molecular composition helps it to spread uniformly like honey under the skin once injected,” says Thomas.

“The best way I have heard Profhilo described is fertiliser for your skin. It triggers what we call a ‘bio-remodelling’ process,” she continues. “The skin is instantly hydrated, and collagen and elastin production is increased.”


Sounds pretty perfect, right?! But the benefits don’t stop there folks. The treatment also reduces the appearance of fine lines, smoothes crepey skin and uneven texture, and also boosts skin elasticity and hydration. Bonus points: it’s effective for all skin types and ages. 

“Patients in their 20s may wish to have Profhilo treatment to help their skin feel more plump and firm, or to get that “glow” in preparation for a big event like a wedding,” says Thomas. But as Thomas notes, those with visible signs of ageing (read: fine lines, crepey skin and dull, uneven skin) will see the most dramatic results.

How does Profhilo work?

“It’s quick!” Thomas explains. “We use what’s called a ‘BAP’ technique, which stands for Bio Aesthetic Points. There are 5 BAP injection sites which have been identified on either side of the face to optimise the spread of the product.”

If you’ve had injectables before, you’ll know the feeling well. Like Botox and Dysport, Profhilo will sting a little as the needle pierces the skin. But according to Thomas, the discomfort eases pretty quickly and the entire process is over in 10 minutes.

Thomas recommends two treatments spaced four weeks apart for the initial dose. Maintenance treatments follow every six to eight months, or whenever your skin needs a bit of a boost.

And how soon should you expect results from Profhilo? 

“You will start to notice a boost in your skin’s hydration level, and a definite glow within 24-48 hours,” Thomas says. “These results continue to improve over the next few weeks, and by the second treatment your skin should already be plumper, smoother and firmer. The second treatment boosts these results even more.”

As for side effects, Thomas notes that some patients experience “redness, tenderness, itching, or small lumps at the site of the injection” – all of which typically resolve within a day.

“It’s fair to say there’s no actual downtime from this treatment, however as always it’s advised to keep your face clean after treatment which means no makeup for 24 hours, and to avoid any extreme temperatures for a few days (no saunas!),” Thomas adds.

Profhilo vs filler

The answer we’ve all been waiting for. Both Profhilo and filler are made up of hyaluronic acid, but as Thomas explains, the treatments offer two totally different outcomes.

“Traditional filler is typically used to create volume and contour. We use filler to replace tissue (such as fat or bone) that has been lost during the ageing process, or to achieve a desired aesthetic result,” says Thomas.

Profhilo on the other hand? We’ll let Thomas take this one: “Profhilo is different in that it does not add volume or structure to the face. It will never overfill or change the appearance of your face (except to make your skin look younger and more glowy)... its purpose is to restore and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.”

Filler is typically injected into sites such as the cheeks, chin and lips, whereas Profhilo is commonly used on the face (duh), neck, decolletage, hands and knees. The more you know…

Our verdict? The hype around Profhilo is real. Although only just approved by the TGA for use in Australia, the treatment has been used in the UK and Europe for years with 5-star results. Thomas also notes that it’s been voted the Best Injectable Product in Europe. 

“I am quite literally counting the sleeps until my first treatment, which is booked for mid-September,” Thomas says. “I can’t wait to document the process and experience the results for myself.”

Stay tuned for our thoughts…

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