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Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 02 2018

Most of us are pretty well versed when it comes to the preparation that’s required for a hair appointment – most notably having realistic expectations of what our hairdresser can achieve in a single sitting, and arriving equipped with a few photos of celebrity hair inspiration.

However, far less of us are aware of the appropriate etiquette when we’re actually sat in the salon chair. That’s why we reached out to Creative Director of JONNY+JUNE, Simon Bright, to discover the things he wishes everyone would stop doing when they’re getting there hair done.


Don’t lie about your hair’s history

Lying about the treatments and colours you’ve had in the past isn’t going to do anyone any good, least of all your hair. Bright notes that if your hair has been many colours and has suffered quite a bit of damage, your hairdresser will avoid using certain products (i.e. bleach) in order to maintain optimum hair health. If you choose to omit any facts about your hair’s history, your hairdresser may use products that are too harsh for your damaged hair, which can leave it dull and brittle, or in some extreme cases, cause it to break off or fall out.


Don’t stay quiet

Your hairstylist may be a magician, but a mind reader they are not. That’s why Bright encourages any client to speak up if they don’t like the way a haircut or colour has turned out. “It’s always better to speak up and express your likes and dislikes – our job is to fill in the gaps between what you’ve told us and what we think you want, so being open and honest is always best,” says Bright.


Don’t show up late

This might seem like an obvious one, but according to Bright it happens more often than you might expect and can throw a salon’s entire schedule out of whack. “Our appointments are perfectly organised on the type of service you’re having. If you’re 10 to 15 minutes late, it means the following client isn’t going to be pleased that they’re appointment is delayed and if you’re 20 minutes late it probably means we can’t take you,” says Bright. While things happen and life sometimes gets in the way, a quick phone call to your salon to let them know you’re running late or need to reschedule is far better than showing up late and hoping for the best.


Don’t rush an appointment

While we’re all busy people who have a million and one things that need to be done on any single day, rushing your hair appointment will only result in a stressed hairdresser and a second-rate style. This is when managing your expectations is so important. For instance, Bright stresses you can’t expect to turn blonde in 30 minutes or simply duck into the salon for a quick trim. “There is no such thing as instant hair colour or a quick trim. If you don’t think you can give the hour and a half you need to the appointment that day, it’s better to reschedule.”



Don’t dismiss hairdresser-recommended products

Why spend so much time and money on an amazing cut or colour if your at-home product regime only causes more damage? While there are a plethora of quality haircare products that won’t break the bank, investing in the products your hairdresser recommends will often ensure your hair stays healthy and strong, while maintaining your colour for as long as possible. Bright puts it like this: “Think of your stylist as your hair doctor. The products recommended to you are your prescription to maintaining your best hair while at home.”


Don’t talk on your phone

While the occasional text and/or email response is totally fine, talking on your phone for the entirety of your appointment is likely to put your hairdresser’s noise out of joint. In addition to making you look a little rude, holding your phone against your ear makes it difficult for your stylist to work around. If you have an important phone call that you can’t reschedule or screen, it’s best to have headphones on hand so your call remains private (and doesn’t disturb other clients), and doesn’t hinder your hairdresser from doing their best work.

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Have you made any of these salon faux pas before? Share them with us in the comments below.

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