7 ways to save your strands this summer

AKA your ultimate warm weather hair survival guide

Digital Beauty Editor / December 24 2021

We're big summer fans. Sun, surf, sangria; what's not to love, right?

Well, if you ask our hair, there's actually a whole lot. Not only do our strands not get to enjoy the cocktails, but aforementioned sun and surf tend to do an absolute number on them, so it's a lose-lose. Long story short, heat-specific haircare is a must when the weather warms up – humidity is a friend to no mane.

So, if you're determined to not let your summer become one long bad hair day, here are seven ways to make sure it stays glossy, gorgeous (and if you're a blonde, not green) this season...


Start bi-weekly rehab sessions

Beach days may be glorious, but they tend to leave strands on struggle street. Seal up the frizz by using a moisture mask twice a week. Anything that shouts about its hydrating, repairing or nourishing benefits will work a treat, but we recommend reaching for something formulated with an array of oils and butters (like this one, which features a shea butter and argan oil combo) to make sure your mane is getting as much deep-penetrating moisture as possible.

Try: Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask ($56 at Sephora)


Treat wet hair with TLC

The swim-and-shower cycle that monopolises summer is all too real, so be sure to detangle with something super gentle to avoid breakage, as you'll be brushing damp hair a lot more than usual – remember, your hair is far more fragile when wet. Whether you're brushing after a dip or a deep condition, use either a wide-tooth comb or a brush specifically designed for wet strands, to ditch knots without causing damage.

Try: Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler ($25.50 at MECCA)


Invest in a UV spray

Sunlight is the enemy of chemically treated hair (especially when it's of the bleached blonde variety), as UV rays can strip colour and leave locks weakened and frazzled. Our advice? Add a UV protection spray into your repertoire. You wouldn't skip sunscreen, so why leave your hair defenceless? This coconut oil and vitamin E spritz  is our personal fave; it shields hair against free radicals and sun damage while also imparting a delightfully summery tropical scent.

Try: Aveda Suncare Hair Veil ($52 at Adore Beauty)


Try a cleansing conditioner

If you feel like your strands are over-stripped (which is highly likely as the washing rate generally has to match the swimming one), try a cleansing conditioner instead of a traditional shampoo-conditioner combo. Just as the name would suggest, they cleanse and condition hair in one step, helping to balance and refresh without further depleting the precious natural oils that remain after your underwater adventures. FYI, this cleansing conditioner cream also happens to include castor oil, which aids in building the proteins back up.

Try: Sachajuan Hair Cleansing Cream ($69 at Sephora)


Cut back on tool time

Your hair is already exposed to a lot of heat during the December to February block, so give it a break with a few 'tools-down' days over summer. But look, while we all know it's good to skip a few straightener sessions every now and then, we're not exactly okay with letting frizz take over our lives while we do. A smoothing cream that shields hair against humidity can help. It'll tame, hydrate and protect from frizz that warm weather brings with it, while also helping to extend the life of your OG blow-out. The result? Less heat styling, and still no dire need for it.

Try: TIGI Bed Head 98% Humidity-Defying Straightening Cream ($24.95 at Cosmetics Now)

Tigi Bed Head Straighten Out


Soak your hair before swimming

Chlorine and colour do not get along, so we have a little pre-dip tip we encourage you to embrace, especially if you're partial to the pool. Before you swim, drench your hair with water from the tap or shower to minimise chlorine absorption, then coat it with a hearty helping of coconut oil. The oil will act as water-resistant shield to keep a barrier between your colour and the chlorine. It's basically the best way to avoid those panic-inducing green tones. Post-swim, just rinse and wash right away.

Try: California Gold Nutrition Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ($11.77 at iHerb)


Learn to love gel again

If you're dealing with one of those 'it's-too-hot-to-even-care' type days, go straight for the gel. Tendril-accessorised updos and beachy waves are cute, sure, but if the temperature starts to soar, humidity and sweat can take them into not cute (nor comfortable) territory real quick. Glossy wet-look hair will not only solve the issue, but also may even fool everyone into thinking you're copying red carpet trends rather than caving to the temperature. Just cover your hair all over with gel and whip into a topknot, then use a toothbrush to up the sleek-factor; too easy.

Try: IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel ($42 at Adore Beauty)

Need more hair mask recommendations? Here are our faves for every concern...

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