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Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / September 21 2017

Just like your general well-being, it’s normal for your skin to have a bad day and experience things like redness, dry patches and sensitivity. And while it may seem like you have sensitive skin, it could be that your skin is just sensitised. Dissimilar to having sensitive skin, sensitised skin can affect everyone of all ages and skin types, and is just a temporary thing. Read on get the lowdown on what sensitised skin is, what can cause it, and one product that will help fix it.

What is sensitised skin?

Having healthy skin can be a hard thing for everyone - no matter your age, skin type and skin colour. With so many daily environmental aggressors that can directly affect the overall health of skin, it’s not surprising that your skin can have a “bad skin day” that can lead to something more serious. You may have experienced skin sensitivity before: it can be anything from your skin feeling burnt or itchy, getting dry patches, looking red and irritated, or just a general discomfort that you don’t normally experience.

The causes of sensitised skin  

There are two main causes of sensitised skin - external causes and internal causes.

External causes can be environmental issues that cause skin flare-ups, such as an overexposure to the sun’s UV rays, hot and cold temperatures, sitting in air-conditioning, pollution in the air, the quality of water that you’re exposing your skin to when you’re washing it, and even other makeup and skin care products that cause a disbalance in your skin.

As for internal causes, these include being stressed, tired, dietary habits and even your hormonal cycles.

The treatment for sensitised skin

Thankfully, Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive can be your skin saviour when it comes to treating sensitised skin. This serum can be used over a 30-day treatment period alongside your usual skin care products, like your eye cream and night moisturiser, to soothe sensitivity - almost like a reset button, if you will.

As for the ingredients inside, special probiotics can help to improve skin cell life and reveal a more youthful appearance, and 98 per cent pure antioxidants like ferulic acid and vitamin E help to protect against free radicals induced by aggressors that can trigger sensitive skin moments. The potency of the product is maintained by innovative chambers in the packaging that separate the probiotic serum and antioxidant blend, which can be combined once you’re ready to start your 30-day treatment.

The best part is that you can use this serum daily and all year round to strengthen your skin when it’s having one of those bad moments - think repaired skin with improved comfort and an increased resistance to aggressors.

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Are you currently using any products to treat skin sensitivity? What are your favourites and why? Tell us in the comments below.

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