5 things to know about hyperbaric oxygen therapy

hyperbaric oxygen therapy

It’s the new way to revitalise your whole body

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / September 12 2017

One thing’s for sure… the market isn’t short on wacky body treatments that promise leaner limbs (hello, Hypoxi), smoother skin (thanks to ultherapy) or pain relief (try cryotherapy). As for the latest one that’s making waves? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy - which, as the name suggests, utilises oxygen to improve the body and mind. Interestingly, it requires minimal physical contact and is quite relaxing.

If you’re curious to know more, read on: We picked the brains of Phil Goodwin, founder of Vrai Health and BodyMindLife, who shares his intel on the new body treatment.

#1 / It’s a full body experience

The name may sound awfully scary and invasive, but the treatment is strangely relaxing. After popping on a bathrobe, you step inside a chamber that looks just like a capsule hotel room, put on the oxygen mask, and lie down. The consultant then zips up the chamber, adjusts the pressure, and all you have to do is relax for the next 45 minutes. “Hyperbaric chambers are simple pressurised enclosures that allow you to experience greater than normal atmospheric pressures,” explains Goodwin. “The pressure, combined with purified oxygen, forces the oxygen to dissolve into the body’s fluids and travel to other areas in the body that are otherwise difficult to reach.”

It’s one of the most effective treatments for delivering oxygen to the body’s cells. An increase of oxygen in cells allows the body to regenerate and restore healthy tissue, making the therapy ideal for recovery from injury and protection from environmental toxins known to lead to poor health and disease.
Phil Goodwin
Vrai Health

#2 / It’s suitable for people of all ages and sexes

Interested in giving it a go? Good news, just about everyone can try it. However, Goodwin warns: “It’s not recommended for those who are pregnant, have flu symptoms, an ear infection, pneumothorax and decompression sickness.”

#3 / You can get results in just one session

While it is recommended to follow a series of treatments, you may notice a change in your body after just one visit. “You are able to notice effects after just one treatment on your overall wellbeing, as it is very relaxing and it can give you an instant boost of energy,” says Goodwin. “The sessions build on one another so the more you do, the better and more pronounced the effects. If you are using the hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat medical conditions, usually a number of treatments are required.”

#4 / There are physical benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Goodwin explains, “This treatment can increase oxygen in the body, which can stimulate growth and repair [to] counteract the ageing processes and improve skin conditions, reduce headaches naturally, boost the immune system, support injury recovery and reduce inflammation in the body, support detox in the body, build strength and endurance and lift energy, improve sleeping patterns, and promote overall wellbeing and relaxation, which reduces stress.”

#5 / And there’s mental benefits, too

“As more oxygen circulates throughout the body and brain it can improve cognition, mental fog, depression and anxiety,” adds Goodwin.


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Have you tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy before? Did you notice any mental or physical benefits? Tell us in the comments below.

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