YouTube now lets you *virtually* try on makeup

YouTube’s New Augmented Reality Technology Lets You Virtually Try On Makeup

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Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 16 2019

Ever splashed out on a new lippy and excitedly tried it on for the first time only to realise that deep burgundy just isn’t the shade for you?

Or how about that time you bought a new bronzer only to discover its warm undertones translated to straight-up orange on your cool-toned skin?

Yep, we’ve all been there and felt the jarring disappointment that comes from feeling like we’ve dropped our hard-earned dosh on a product that we’re never going to use.

But, you know what, this problem is so 2018. Beauty buyer’s remorse is set to be a thing of the past thanks to some snazzy new augmented reality technology Google has been developing to roll out via YouTube’s branded content platform FameBit.

The technology is appropriately titled AR Beauty Try-On and will allow you to virtually try a variety of makeup products on your face before committing to purchasing them – giving a whole new meaning to ‘try before you buy’!

“Thanks to machine learning and AR technology, it offers realistic, virtual product samples that work on a full range of skin tones. Currently in alpha, AR Beauty Try-On is available through FameBit by YouTube, Google’s in-house branded content platform,” Google’s Head of Branded Experiences, AR & VR, Aaron Luber revealed on Google’s Marketing Platform.

So how does it work?

The technology is being integrated into YouTube’s existing app and will become an option that’s available to use when watching beauty vlogger’s content. Basically, if you see a product you like in their video, you’ll be able to ‘try it’ on your own face!

Pretty nifty, right?

MAC Cosmetics is the first brand to jump on board (we’re very excited to try on ALL of the sparkly limited edition products risk-free) and have partnered with beauty influencer and YouTuber Roxette Arisa to create a tutorial that allows viewers to virtually try on 24 of MAC Cosmetics’ latest lipsticks.

The feature is available when watching the tutorial through the YouTube app on a smartphone, so jump on and watch it below to try out this wild new feature for yourself. All you have to do is hit the blue ‘Try It On’ button when it pops up and voila - the lipstick will virtually appear on your face!

How cool is that?! We can’t wait to see what other brands get involved next!

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Which products would you like to virtually try on using AR Beauty Try-On? Let us know in the comments.

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