Zoe Foster Blake just dropped this latest addition to the Go-To family

Zoe Foster Blake launches new sunscreen

Can confirm: It’s a game-changer

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 05 2018

Sunscreen. We’re supposed to wear it *every* day. And we know it. Rain, hail or shine. But damn it can be a difficult rule to follow. Mostly because pretty much all sunscreens have a knack for making your skin greasy/ghostly/pimply.

So, we tend to skip the ol’ sunscreen step in order to avoid all of the above, and just pray to the sun gods that they’ll spare us from pigmentation, sunspots, premature ageing and the rest of the gang. Silly, we know.

What’s not silly is Zoe Foster Blake creating an SPF that will save our faces, minus all of the other classic sunscreen-related characteristics that make us not want to wear it.

Aptly named Zincredible, the daily moisturiser contains SPF 15+ and is packed with antioxidants, botanical oils and essential fatty acids. It’s also non-whitening, non-greasy and actually sits nicely under makeup. Plus, the packaging is super cute and peachy, as expected.

Before you slam the whole SPF 15+ part, in Zoe’s latest Instagram post she explained that it was actually a tough slog to create a physical sunscreen that wouldn’t make your skin look/feel like crap. “We tried for three years to make a clean, physical daily moisturiser with SPF 30, and it was friggen impossible, “ she wrote. “We COULD have launched it, but none of you would’ve worn it cos it was like so many of the thick, greasy, ghosty products that give zinc - a phenomenal mineral and nutrient - such a shitty reputation. And a product can’t protect you from sun damage and skin cancer if you don't wear it.”

She revealed that her goal when creating this product was to try and make a nice everyday moisturiser that both hydrates and protects the skin from the UV rays we face daily when driving, walking to the bus, ducking out for lunch etc.

“It had to look sensational under makeup, and feel as gorgeous as any of the silicone-loaded, synthetic, chemical UV filter-based products, but be free from all that stuff. I wanted to apply it happily and liberally, then some makeup, and get on with shit knowing my face was looked after,” she wrote.

Check out her full post below:

And it turns out Zoe didn't need to do too much explaining, because people were SO friggin' excited to snatch up the new Zincredible product, that the Go-To website actually crashed.

Yep - Go-To's new product *literally* broke the Internet.

One Go-To fan wrote, "So excited! It was harder than buying concert tickets to Adele!"

On Instagram Stories, Zoe wrote, "A record breaking and hugely humbling day for us at Go-To today. You guys are the MOST supportive and MOST enthusiastic and now MOST hydrated people on earth. Thank you for trying Zincredible, and thank you for choosing us. (You're definitely our favourite customer. Always have been.)" 

We definitely like the sound of it and are more than just a little bit excited to stop dodging the whole SPF thing. And so is our skin. 

Keen to give it a whirl? You can get it at gotoskincare.com.

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Do you like the sound of Zincredible? Are you keen to try it or do you already have a sunscreen you love? Let us know in the comment section below.

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