5 expert tips for losing body fat

And they’re easy enough to fit into your everyday life

Beauty Crew Contributor / February 27 2017

While we are all familiar with the eternal battle that is losing excess weight, sometimes the best thing to do is refresh and revaluate your goals. We spoke to Moodi Dennaoui, expert for Body Science and founder of Moodi’s Health Food cafés, about the top things to remember when trying to motivate yourself to shift those few extra kilos of body fat.


Find movement you enjoy

Whether it’s yoga, kayaking or hardcore resistance training, Dennaoui explains that the best motivation is finding the right kind of exercise for you. “Just move and allow your body to deliver those nutrients to your tissues and organ. You’ll feel better, and be tighter and more toned in no time.”


Move every day

Incidental exercise contributes to weight loss way more than you think. It might be deciding to take the stairs instead of the lift, or parking your car a few hundred metres further away –  no movement is too small to make a difference. Dennaoui explains, “Not all sessions have to leave you feeling like you’ve hit a brick wall, however, even a 30-minute power walk on your day off will prevent your body from storing food as fat.”


Don't starve yourself!

It’s okay to eat! Dennaoui is an advocate for eating small portions every two to three hours, but avoiding packaged food is crucial. Packaged food “requires little to no effort to digest and absorb.” The less energy it takes to absorb and digest the food you’re eating, the higher the likelihood that your body will store it as fat.


Eat your greens

While we all grew up hearing from our parents that eating our greens is very important, dark green veggies (such as broccoli, bok choy, spinach and kale) “supply your body with the nutrients it needs. They also require a considerable amount of energy to digest, so you exercise your insides without moving.” According to Dennaoui, this can help you reach your fat burning target much quicker. 


Consistency is key

When you reach your goal weight, Dennaoui says consistency is the key to maintaining the weight you’ve worked so hard for. “Sure, it’s okay to spoil yourself occasionally, however it’s what you do more often than what you don’t which will ultimately determine how you look and feel. The 80/20 rule is a good example!”

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