Did Liam Payne get buccal fat removal?

A plastic surgeon weighs in

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 20 2023

One Direction member Liam Payne has always had a soft baby face. 

But when he showed up to the premiere of bandmate Louis Tomlinson’s documentary All Of Those Voices last week, his chiseled jawline and pronounced cheekbones had fans and experts questioning his altered appearance. Primarily, whether he’d had chin filler or fallen victim to the latest cosmetic surgery trend — buccal fat removal. 

January 21st 2023

March 16th 2023

“He didn’t look bad before, but his face, instead of looking soft and a little bit chubby, it looks model-ish and rugged,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir told Page Six

Meanwhile, Payne’s fans have compared the singer’s new look to handsome Squidward and Zac Efron’s sharp new jawline.

But the general consensus amongst fans and plastic surgeons is that Payne may be the latest celebrity to undergo buccal fat removal.

In fact, in the same interview with Page Six, Dr. Ramtin Kassir said that if Payne has tried the irreversible cosmetic procedure, he is at risk of premature ageing.

“You can cause premature ageing by just randomly taking out people’s buccal fat,” Kassir explained. “If you do it on somebody who’s skinny, as soon as they hit their 30s and maybe even early 40s, their face will look hollow and gaunt and aged.”

The only exception to this rule are people who are fit, but have a round face — “no matter what they do, their face is full.”

In his expert opinion it is possible that Payne used filler on his jawline and chin. However, he could also be using Ozempic — the weight loss drug that is said to be responsible for Mindy Kaling’s dramatically slimmer figure. 

“He looks like he’s lost weight,” explained Kassir. “That [chiseled look] can happen if they lose a decent amount of weight or if they use insulin or diabetic medicines like Ozempic.” 

“It leans out your face a lot more than the rest of your body once you lose weight,” he went on to say. “So he could have theoretically done that, but even if he went to the gym and lost 20 pounds, his face could get tremendously better and more chiseled [too].”

While Payne has lost his soft features, Niall Horan’s skin care routine is the key to keeping his baby face intact.  

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