Camila Cabello was once afraid that One Direction would judge her acne

“You’re insecure; don’t know what for”

Digital Beauty Editor / March 17 2023

Nobody loves meeting new people when they’re not feeling their best, but add a celeb crush (or five) into the equation and you’ve got a pretty stressful scenario. That’s exactly what Camila Cabello dealt with when she met One Direction during a period where she felt super self-conscious about her skin.

“When I was younger, [my girl group Fifth Harmony and I went on] this mall tour. I had a bout of really bad acne, and I remember always being like “oh my god”, like being so anxious when people would be close to me and [be] taking pictures, because I didn’t want people to see,” Cabello recalled in a Vogue video.

“I was obsessed with One Direction, and hanging out with them backstage at this awards show,” she added. “I remember them being like ‘hey, how’s it going’, and [leaning in to hug me or kiss my cheek], and me being like [I have to lean back so they don’t see my skin up close]. It was not fun.”

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It sure doesn’t sound fun! But as the One Direction boys themselves once sang: “you’re insecure; don’t know what for.” Other people simply aren’t focused on our perceived ‘flaws’ the way we are!

Plus, Harry Styles just isn’t the type to judge; he’s a safe space, you know? He’s also been open about his own needs for ‘spot cream’ in the past. Basically, we doubt there’s a person alive (yes, even in Hollywood) who doesn’t know the feeling of assuming everyone’s staring at their skin blemishes.

Once Cabello made it through the aforementioned tour (which was no doubt putting stressors on her skin on the daily), she made skin care a major focus, and was able to get her complexion to a place where she felt good about it. “I did a couple of laser treatments actually – that really helped,” she shared. “Ever since then, [I’ve] really prioritised skin care.”

Her efforts have certainly been rewarded – her skin is stunning. We doubt there was ever anything to worry about, but it’s a stellar end to the story!


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On top of treatments and topicals, Cabello’s a fan of DIY solutions too – she even relies on egg whites to keep her pores under control…

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