Amelia Gray recommends this acne treatment to all her friends

“[It] kills all of the bacteria and germs”

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / October 22 2023

If models being public about their struggles with acne has taught us anything, it’s that it takes a lot of work to make a living on your physical beauty alone.

Some swear by targeted acne serums for banishing blemishes, while others are happy to slap on a pimple patch and call it a day. 

However, Amelia Gray doesn’t like to leave anything to chance. In a recent instalment of Vogue Beauty Secrets the model shared every single product she uses in her 12-step skin care routine, which included an anti-acne lotion she recommends to all of her friends. 

“I kind of have sensitive skin. I’m also very much struggling with a fashion week pimple and a stye or two, but we are all human,” Gray said initially in the YouTube video. 

Although she admitted she’s learned a lot about her skin through working professionally as a model for the last two years, her love for skin care is something she developed as a child.  

“Fun fact: my dad has never washed his face in his whole life, and he says that that’s the secret,” she joked to the camera. “But I think that I have a 400-step skin care routine because my mum never really wore makeup. It’s not really her thing, it’s not my thing. She always had all of this skin care, and I would love playing with it.” FYI, for anyone who isn’t a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stan (and honestly, why aren’t you?!), Gray is the daughter of actors/Housewives icons Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin. Good genes, we know.

Now, Gray is embodying her mother’s influential spirit by encouraging a love for skin care among her friendship circle, and providing them with the gift that keeps on giving — her product recommendations for good skin. Specifically, her go-to anti-acne treatment. 

“I’ve turned a lot of my friends onto this product: This is the Benzoyl Peroxide [lotion] from Jan Marini ($84 at Jan Marini),” she spilled. “This basically kills all of the bacteria and germs that pimples are created by.”

Jan Marini Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Lotion

Check out the full video below for the other 11 steps in Gray’s skincare routine:

Amelia Gray isn’t the only model with a succinct anti-acne skincare routine; Winnie Harlow swears by these three steps in her skincare routine for banishing her acne

Image credit: @ameliagray

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