Jessika Power from MAFS has had quite the before and after beauty transformation

Here's every cosmetic procedure she's had done

January 29 2021

There are two types of people watching the promos for Sunday night's Married At First Sight reunion: the ones furiously theorising re: the highly-anticipated (and heated; wine was thrown, you guys) run-in between stars Cyrell Paule and Jessika Power, and the ones making a mental note of Power's incredibly chic, sleek bob and later googling 'smoothing hair products'.

Well, we're the latter. Because we very much appreciate that Power both serves absolute looks, and is also completely upfront about the fact that she gets a little help in the cosmetic procedure department to look as polished and plump as she does.

In fact, she often opens up about what she's had done via Instagram Stories. When asked in a recent Q & A if she’d had lip fillers, the star obligingly answered the question, and threw in some extra info to boot. “Yes I get lip fillers. I’ve also had a little bit of a brow lift after the show because I have really bad bags and it’s taken the bags away like the tiniest little bit. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, I’m happy." Well there you go; happy is all that matters, huh?

And while we happen to think she looked just as gorgeous before the show as she does now, it certainly does make for an exciting beauty evolution. Here's Power's entire transformation; she's done blonde, red, brunette, bold, neutral, and everything in between...


One of Power's earliest selfies showcases the red velvet hair colour she was embracing at the time; a far cry from her now-signature blonde.


The red hair was still going strong a year later, but she switched to a more natural makeup aesthetic. The face to neck blend is a little off, but hey, it was the age of both intense flash photography and iffy foundation matching.


2014 was all about brunette balayage (that chocolate to caramel blend sure is smooth), and bright red lipstick (on slightly less voluminous lips).


Firstly, we'd like to know the identity of this statement mascara ASAP. Secondly, we must say we love Power as a brunette.


These refreshingly natural pics, which have since been removed, were posted on Power’s dentist’s Instagram page @mavendentalyokine in 2016 to show her freshly done veneers.


She definitely figured out the whole contouring thing in the final era of her pre-reality-TV-fame brunette stage. Those cheekbones are beautifully chiselled.


2018 (AKA the year before we met her on MAFS) saw Power transform into the gal we know, with her lips full, her eyes smokey, and her hair a cool vanilla blonde.


What is one to do after becoming the blonde breakout star of a reality TV hit? Dye your hair bright bubblegum pink, of course.


She soon returned to her signature shade, though, going brighter, lighter, and a whole lot shorter. With the pink pout, she basically looks like 'just got a great haircut' Barbie.


Look, natural may be a bit of a stretch, but we're very into the neutral vibe she's embracing as of late. Her sleek shoulder-skimming bob is stunning, too.

Main image credit: @jessika_power

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