Kylie Jenner doesn't want her daughter to get plastic surgery like she did

“I’m teaching her about mistakes that I made”

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / October 27 2023

Kylie Jenner has always been the subject of scrutiny since she was a teenager for her use of injectables and other cosmetic enhancements.

But it seems she doesn’t want her 5-year-old daughter Stormi Webster to make similar choices.  

It’s a parenting decision the mum of two first made public in a season 3 episode of The Kardashians:

“My daughter has totally taught me a lot more about myself, and seeing myself in her has changed everything. I’ve had so much growth and am just embracing natural beauty,” Jenner said in a recent interview with Wall Street Journal. “I’m teaching her about mistakes that I made and making sure she knows she’s just perfect exactly how she is.”

Although Jenner has never had facial cosmetic surgery, she did admit to the publication that she got breast implants when she was 19.

“I’ve never touched my face, but just even getting my breasts done when I was 19 and getting pregnant soon after, not obviously planning to be pregnant at 19,” she explained. “I probably just should have waited until I maybe had kids or let my body just develop.”

She said the decision was the result of being influenced by bodies she saw on social media, but she told HommeGirls earlier this year that she was never actually insecure as a teenager. 

“I think a big misconception about me is that I’ve had so much surgery on my face and that I was some insecure person, and I really wasn’t,” she told the publication. 

“Yeah, I love full lips and wanted full lips, but growing up I was always the most confident person in the room. I was the girl performing for everyone,” she continued. “I had my one lip insecurity thing, so I got lip filler, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I don’t regret it. But I always thought I was cute.”

However, these days she’s rocking a more natural look. This is how to copy Kylie Jenner’s natural makeup

Image credit: @kyliejenner

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