Aldi have released a $10 cleansing device that could be a total game changer

Is it too good to be true!?

July 30 2020

When it comes to snagging an Aldi special buy, the gloves are off.  Especially when the buy in question is a $9.99 cult beauty dupe. *Insert mass hysteria*. 

Yep, Aldi’s habit of ‘being inspired by’ popular beauty products has struck again, this time releasing their own silicone cleansing device under the Lacura umbrella. 

The device appears to be an obvious dupe of the Luna 3 from Swedish brand Foreo, (which retails at $299 – big difference), an award-winning tool which was labelled a ‘breakthrough in tech’, using electronic pulses to deeply cleanse the skin. 

Aldi’s version promises similar cleansing powers, to wash away dirt, oil and dead skin cells, but it’s unclear if it’s electronic or simply manually-powered.

After hitting the shelves a few days ago, shoppers in the Aldi Mums Facebook were quick to weigh in with feedback. Most were of the positive variations, such as “for ten bucks you can’t go wrong" and “I’ve got a Foreo one, the $75 one. I don’t think it’s amazing but is okay! For $10 I’d get the Aldi one!!”.

And one thing’s for sure, if it's anything like Lacura's previous dupes (aaka the widely successful Caviar Cream, which is said to be a $19.99 version of La Prarie's $575 moisturiser), it’s going to go fast.

Main image credit: @emmalouiseconnolly 

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