Good news: your favourite ‘90s hair accessory is back

Alexander Wang

Get set for a blast from the past

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / February 13 2018

Just like the recent comeback of the scrunchie, there’s another hair accessory making its way back on the scene. And if Alexander Wang says it’s cool again who are we to argue?!

Love it or hate it – the hair clip is coming back in a BIG way. It was given a new lease on life in Alexander Wang’s ‘80s-themed fall show during New York Fashion Week.

Runway models showcased slicked back hair that was twisted and secured at the back of their head with large chrome claw clips (or as some may call them, banana clips), etched with Alexander Wang’s logo. Let’s just say they were way cooler than the tortoiseshell ones we rocked in a former life.

The look, created by hairstylist Guido Palau, was inspired by the theme of ‘80s “power executives”. He told Elle that he loves bringing back old trends. “I love the way that something is reintroduced into fashion and we look at it again in a different way. That’s been happening for a while now, things that were considered not cool can be rejigged again.”

“Think about it…an 18-year-old may not know the funny connotations that a banana clip has, and they just think it looks super cool,” he explained.

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What do you think – are you up for a hair clip revival?

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