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Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

You may recognise Anna Bamford from her days playing Miranda on the now-cancelled Wonderland, and soon, you’ll see her roaming around the beaches of Summer Bay on Home and Away, but more excitingly to those who have a keen interest in beauty, you’re about to see her face in ads for skin care brand Dr. LeWinn’s. 

Recently announced as the new ambassador for the brand, Beauty Crew was given the chance to sit down with the Australian actress to not only discover how diligent Anna is with her skin care routine, but to find out her beauty secrets (and regrets!), her hidden talents, and the products that can never, ever be discontinued. 

On her role as the new face of Dr. LeWinn’s
“I feel extremely happy and lucky to be involved with and the face of Dr. LeWinn’s. In my job, skin is really important and my skin is under a lot of stress when I’m working – I’m in makeup and I’m shooting really long hours in the sun – and having good skin gives me more confidence and I think that’s what this brand is about - confidence and empowering women. Everyone wants good skin, everyone knows when they have good skin they feel great and then they can be the best version of themselves.” 

On her daily skin care routine
“In the morning I would cleanse, and I exfoliate three times and a week, and then moisturise, and definitely finish with eye cream. They say once you turn 26 you should start using an eye cream and I’m like my birthday was the other week….
And then at night, I add a serum to that, so I use the Eternal Day & Night Serum for that extra moisture, and it’s my favourite product is range. It just feels so beautiful on my skin.”

Eternal Day & Night Serum

On the beauty products she’d hate to be discontinued
“There’s Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes, I just love it! And I’ve got a beautiful Chanel Rouge Allure red lipstick that has blue tones in it that I love [ed note: the shade is called Passion], so if they were discontinued that I’d be devastated. Also if they discontinued Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb, I’d die.”

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

On her off-duty beauty look
“I wear fairly minimal makeup and my hair is naturally is kind of a messy curl, so I’ll just chuck it up in a topknot or something. Because when I am working I do wear a lot of makeup and I’m in and out of makeup, sometimes three times a day, so I like to have that time for my skin to just breath and not have anything on it. I love when I don’t have to wear makeup. I just LOVE it. It’s like a relief.” 

On the red carpet beauty look she’d repeat
“I think my favourite look was when I went to the AACTA awards in 2015 and I wore a white dress and a red lipstick, and I went for an old Hollywood glam kind of look and I loved that. It’s that classic kind of look, really elegant and feminine and I’d love to do that again.”

Her AACTAs beauty look

Her AACTAs beauty look

On her style and beauty icons
I always love following Diane Kruger. Her makeup and style is just like elegant, feminine and quirky and her. She’s not copying what she thinks is in. She’s so on trend and it just seems to be he, it’s not just a person in a dress. I think she’s the epitome of style and she’s so beautiful. And Cate Blanchett as well. Her skin is just next-level, it’s so gorgeous.” 

On her biggest teen beauty regret
“Wearing too much bronzer. When bronzer first came out and I think I was in year 10, and we weren’t even allowed to wear makeup, but we did, and I just had way too much on. Less is more is what I’ve learnt, less is definitely more with makeup.” 

One her secret beauty talent
“I’m really good at liquid liner, at doing a wing. I started doing that in year 10 or something and my girlfriends and I would go to parties and they’d always be like, ‘Can you do my eyeliner?’, so I’ve always been good at that. My best tip is to have a steady hand. But I’m better at my left eye than my right, so if I stuff up that’s why I have a side fringe.”

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