The app that tracks if your skin care products are actually working

Praise to the beauty gods

Women's Health Contributor / December 08 2017

Ever forked out for a fancy new toner/cleanser/eyecream and after a few months of daily use, you’re left wondering if it’s even made a diff? Yup, considering we look at ourselves erry damn day, the subtle changes in our skin are often the hardest to detect.

Behold: the new Skin Dairy feature on the YouCam Makeup app - a handy digital face mapping tool that’s practically guaranteed to be the new MVP of your beauty regime.

Basically, the app analyses your blemishes over time and indicates whether those exxy prods are actually doing their job.  
All you have to do is take a selfie in the same position with the same lighting each day (coz, consistency) and you’ll be given a breakdown of your spots, wrinkles, dark circles and your skin’s texture.

In addition to ‘scores’ in each of the four categories, you'll receive a 'skin age'. These stats are ranked in comparison with the profiles of other people in the YouCam database, which means the higher the numbers you get, the healthier your complexion. 

And yeah, while the idea of getting an app to point out your flaws on the reg might seem a little daunting, you’ll be able to sus for certain if your routine is 100% working.

Total. Genius.

You can download YouCam Makeup for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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