Ariana Grande just paid homage to a '00s beauty icon

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Digital Beauty Editor / November 10 2021

It’s a film that we Aussies sometimes refer to as something different (as it goes by Suddenly 30 as well as its OG US title 13 Going On 30 on our shores), but one thing is true across the board: Jenna Rink, her "Thriller" dance, and the look she did it in are all kinds of iconic.

And yes, that dress (which has gone viral again recently since Amazon dropped a super affordable replica of it) is a big part of its iconic status. But as anyone with an obsession with bright pink lips (ahem, us) knows, the hair and makeup Rink rocked in the scene was equally incredible. In fact, when you google ‘Jenna Rink’, ‘thriller dance’, ‘thriller outfit’ and ‘thriller hair’ are the top hits.

Well, she may be yet to show off her moves, but Ariana Grande seems to have mastered at least two of those things. Yes indeed, the singer just recreated Rink’s classic aesthetic, and she did it unbelievably well.



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Grande, who showed off the look (created for a taping of The Voice where she’s currently acting as a coach) via Instagram Stories, had clearly taken the importance of her inspiration seriously, nailing everything from the '90s-esque pale pink shadow to the famous piecey updo and glossy pink pout.

Grande did appear to forgo the infamous butterfly necklace, but hey, we’ll chalk it up to ‘keeping the look modern’ and let that one go. She did share a snap of Jennifer Garner in character as Rink herself, though, to make sure old-school accessories did still get their moment in the sun.

Sure, it helps to have a glam squad (and the ability to get a Versace dress rather than the Amazon one) on your side, but we’re still feeling pretty damn inspired to give the look a go ourselves.

Because while Grande may only be 28, and we cannot confirm nor deny her ‘flirty' status, there’s no doubt that she’s thriving (maybe even more than ever in this iconic look)….

Main image credit: @arianagrande

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