‘Baby brows’ is the new low-maintenance look born out of isolation

If they're good enough for Hailey Bieber...

July 30 2020

This low-maintenance, lockdown-friendly look will rival a salon lamination, making the most of your length with a brushed up and set style.

All you need is a pair of slanted edge tweezers, a spoolie (aka eyebrow wand/brush) and a brow soap or gel. 

1. To begin, pluck any stray hairs growing outside of your natural arch. But don’t go overboard, remember growth is great.

2. Next, taking your spoolie, brush your brow hairs upwards and outwards in the direction they naturally grow. 

3.  To finish off, use a brow soap (a normal bar of soap will work too) or brow gel with a spoolie to brush and lock your brows into their new fluffy shape.

No pencils, no pomades, no filling-in. Just your natural brows brushed up and voila, the baby brow is complete. Easy huh?

Main image credit: @nikki_makeup

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