Bachelor in Paradise’s Rachael Gouvignon got her eyebrows tattooed

Bachelor In Paradise Rachael Gouvignon’s Eyebrow Tattoo Disaster

And seriously regrets it

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 28 2020

If her recent transformation is anything to go by, Bachelor in Paradise’s Rachael Gouvignon is partial to a bit of experimentation in the beauty department.

But as she revealed on Instagram, one of the beauty treatments she has tried in the past did not go as planned.

Rachael shared her less-than-ideal experience with eyebrow tattooing and tbh, what she’s shown is kinda scary.

Rachael explained that she had her eyebrows tattooed a few years ago, however over time the tattoos have faded and left behind red marks.

“I’ll show you what the issue is. I don’t have anything on my eyebrows but if you can see underneath, there’s like a red tinge. That is the result of having a really, really old eyebrow tattoo. I’ve intentionally not put a filter on because I want you to see the damage that eyebrow tattoos can create, which I have had as a result of this for the last few years.”

Eek! Well, that sounds less than ideal…  

Unfortunately, as we’ve learned previously, brow tattoos often have the unwanted side effect of becoming red, orange or yellow once they start to fade away.

Luckily, there is a fix - laser treatments are said to be an effective solution for removing unwanted tattoos and it seems Rachael has given them a whirl.

In her Instagram story, Rachael showed a technician wielding a laser device and what looks like a popsicle stick while performing her first laser treatment on her brow scars.

After the treatment at Medisculpt Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Subiaco, Perth, Rachael snapped a selfie saying, “this is definitely not as painful as I thought. I need a few more treatments before the tattoo is removed.”

And the results look pretty good:

If you’re interested in other forms of cosmetic tattooing, check out our story on lip tattoos.

Would you try cosmetic tattooing? Let us know in the comments.

Main image credit: @rachael_gouvignon


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