If you love natural beauty, we’ve got some SUPER exciting news

Say hello to your new destination for all things natural beauty

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / February 19 2019

Love natural beauty? Us too! That’s why we’re SUPER excited to announce that we’ve launched a shiny new Natural Beauty channel!

It’s no secret that natural beauty is trending like never before, and there’s now a higher demand for naturally-minded brands and content, with many beauty lovers like yourself making the switch to cleaner beauty.

Natural beauty products now promise real benefits – and committing to them no longer feels like you’re compromising on results. Companies are now combining the best in science and nature – and we’re going to bring you some of the biggest players in the industry.

In our new Natural Beauty channel, you'll find articles on everything to do with clean, natural, and ethical beauty - from the best natural beauty brands and homegrown natural goodies, to ingredients you need to try and expert advice on switching to natural skin care.

Under our product directory you’ll also notice that we have a new Natural Beauty category, offering a new generation of skin care, hair and makeup products that not only do us good, but make us feel good, too. We’re talking products that are vegan, organic, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, environmentally-conscious and those with a lack of harsh chemicals.

We’ll continually add new products, so you’ll always be kept in the loop with all the latest and greatest launches on the natural beauty front. And if you’re not already a convert, we’re going to provide you with everything you need to know to finally give natural beauty a go.

To get you started, check out some of our top natural beauty articles below:

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To celebrate the launch of our new Natural Beauty category, we’ve got an exciting competition to help you update your natural beauty kit! We’re giving away 10 x Trilogy Natural Skincare prize packs, worth $280.60 each – so you’re not going to want to miss out! Check out how to enter here.

Want to give natural beauty a shot? Check out some of our favourite natural Australian beauty brands here

Do you have any favourite natural beauty brands? Let us know in the comment section below.

Main image credit: Sevak Babakhani

Erin Docherty is a Beauty Writer for BEAUTYcrew, Beauty Editor for Women's Health magazine and a Grooming Writer for Men's Health magazine. She has a keen interest in cosmeceutical skin care and is currently working on minimising her 9-step skin care routine – because ain’t nobody got time for that. When she’s not writing about the latest beauty news, or applying copious amounts of serum, you can find her spending all her money in Sephora.