Product of the week: NIVEA 4in1 Firming Body Oil

Why this powerful multitasker deserves a spot in your beauty cupboard

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

What is it: NIVEA 4in1 Firming Body Oil

Why you need it: With the cold snap of winter behind us and warmer days ahead, bare skin and exposed limbs are inevitable, so an intensive hydrating solution like NIVEA 4in1 Firming Body Oil can come in very handy. The fast-absorbing, intensively nourishing formula not only works to improve skin’s texture, softness, hydration levels and the appearance of stretchmarks, but within a couple of weeks of use, it can help firm up skin. Unlike some other oils, the fast-absorbing formula means you can use it all over your body and get dressed immediately.

What you need to know: Three special plant-based oils come together in this intensively nourishing formula: there’s avocado oil that can strengthen the skin’s barrier against moisture loss, macadamia oil that can smooth the surface, and cottonseed oil which carries a super dose of vitamin E to soften skin and fight free radicals. Plus, the addition of coenzyme Q10 is a win in our eyes. One of NIVEA’s star ingredients, it can encourage energy production in skin cells, resulting in faster healing (helps reduce skin problems like stretch marks). Despite sounding like it’s quite an oily combination, this special formula feels light to touch, and sinks in almost immediately once applied.

How to use it: A little goes a long way, so you only need a few drops of the oil into the palm of your hand and massage it into skin in circular motions. As the oil is fast-absorbing, you can get dressed straight away after applying it.

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