A beauty editor’s mascara hack for bigger-looking eyes

A pure stroke of genius

BeautyCrew Content Producer / September 09 2019

Mascara is a long-standing staple in most of our beauty routines, so we often don’t give much time or thought to how we’re applying it. But, according to marie claire’s Beauty Director Sally Hunwick, a simple adjustment to your application could make a world of difference to the overall look of your makeup.

During the latest episode of our Get Lippy podcast, Sally revealed one of the mascara tricks she’s learned from years of working closely with the industry’s leading makeup artists on photo shoots.

“We tend to apply our mascara to the outer lashes to create that cat eye look and that is really a great way to get that [feline flick] look. But in order to open up your eyes, if you go to the inner lashes and work on them as well, you'll get a sort of fan effect,” says Sally.

“A makeup artist that I spoke to the other day said that a lot of us ignore those inner lashes.”

“[It] opens your eyes…it's almost like a full lash effect.”

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Do you have any tried and trusted tricks for nailing perfect lashes every time? Let us know in the comments below.

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