5 ways to pack smarter for your holiday

Here’s how to seriously save space

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / July 20 2017

From travelling interstate to flying halfway around the world to reach your holiday destination, it’s never fun hauling excessive weight in your suitcase. And while it’s pretty impossible to downsize the selection of clothes, accessories and shoes that you’re bringing along, it is easy to pack smarter, which in turn means you’ll pack lighter. Here’s how… you’ll thank us later.


Pack a fragrance balm

Forget wrapping your favourite bottle of perfume in socks, then stuffing it inside a shoe; the most practical way to travel overseas with a fragrance is with a rollerball. And we’re not talking about any old rollerball - you’re going to want to invest in a liquid balm, which is a concentrated dose of perfume where you don’t have to worry about it getting smashed in transit. Apply it as you would with a rollerball, then massage the silky formula into pulse points for serious longevity. Le Labo Liquid Balms are a great example of this - they’re tiny in size, but pack a punch once applied.


Customise your base

It may be obvious to bring several bottles of foundation when you’re someone that likes to switch from a light base for the daytime to a medium or full coverage at night, but the smarter way to do so is with pigment-packed foundation drops. Cover FX Custom Cover Drops can be added into any liquid (yes, that means all water, oil and silicone based products), like your foundation, moisturiser, serum or primer, and mixed together to create a custom-built finish. 


Reconsider your dry shampoo

Confused about travelling with aerosols? With airport rules changing on the regular, it’s no wonder that more and more people are hesitant to travel with their favourite can of dry shampoo. On the upside, something like Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo is your quick-fix to oily-looking roots and limp texture - sans the aerosol. Twist the cap open to reveal a spray-like opening, and gently squeeze the bottle to distribute a small amount of dry shampoo powder into your hair. Wait a few seconds, then use your fingertips to shake the product out. It’s seriously genius - you won’t want to travel without it.


Bring an exfoliating powder

Instead of overloading your beauty bag with a multitude of full-size skin care products like a separate cleanser and exfoliator, bring something that can transform your existing cleanser into an exfoliator. A small amount of Bareminerals Mix. Exfoliate. Smooth. Add-To-Cleanser Skin Polishing Grains can be mixed in with any cleanser to buff away dead skin cells on your face. Not likely to go through all 25 grams of this product at once when you’re overseas? Too easy - just pour a small amount into a little container like an old, cleaned-out, lip balm jar. 


Use tissue masks

Whether your skin requires a little more attention when you’re travelling or you simply enjoy a mini facial in the comfort of your hotel room, a tissue mask is something that will come in handy. What we love about masks like Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks is that they’re packed flat like a sheet of paper, are disposable after a single use, and are an absolute bargain at under $5 a piece.

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