This hack will save you from choosing the wrong nail polish colour

And you can do it in less than a minute

Beauty Crew Contributor / June 27 2017

Picking out a nail polish colour can be overwhelming – it’s like walking down the makeup aisle at Priceline when you’re not sure exactly what you want. The sheer number of choices makes it near impossible to make a decision.

Aside from the obvious dilemma of not actually being able to try shades on to see if they complement your skin tone, holding the bottle up to your nails doesn’t give you an accurate idea of what the shade will actually look like once it’s painted on. 

This is why we were completely blown away after hearing about this incredibly innovative (and super easy) hack posted by Twitter user, Emma Young. Emma shared the hack with her followers, which according to Buzzfeed, racked up almost 100,000 retweets in one day.

"I was looking at the nail options, and the nail salon I go to has them glued inside the book so you can't put your finger under it to see how it looks," she told Buzzfeed.

Emma’s solution was to use her Snapchat app to make a custom sticker out of the colour sample, and then hold it over her hand. With this nifty trick you can avoid choosing the wrong nail colour ever again. Genius, right?

But, if you need a little help finding the perfect nude nail polish shade for your skin tone, we have the solution.

Do you have a genius beauty hack that you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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